Monday, June 13, 2011

Random Lyric Long Weekend - Part Deux

Another long weekend. Another blitz on Facebook of random lyrics. This is my silly little facebook foible that I do on a long weekend. The last one in March was really successful, so I decided to do it again.Gives me something more to think about than work and shoving stuff on ebay.

As before, I got some great comments on my page - however, it appears most of my musical prowess is firmly entrenched in the eighties and nineties. I'm getting old.

Here was this long weekend's selection - with full links to the songs on YouTube.

Friday Evening. 10.43 pm

"Shall we have each other for tea, shall we have each other with cream.."

The Love Cats - The Cure

A bit of a testement to the fact that I have the Maow Maow for what was the weekend, but now it appears he's staying until Friday as Blarney and Barney are stuck in Tasmania due to the ash cloud. I saw The Cure in concert a few year ago. Robert Smith has been in a good paddock. They're still good and this song has good memories of the mid-eighties. Oh, and Robert Smith still has the "Flock of Seagulls" haircut.

Saturday, 9.20 am

"Whaddaya think you doo, eh, why you looking so sad, itsa not so bad...."

Joe Dolce - Shuddapa ya Face

Had to be done. Just had to be done. I haven't heard this for years. I do know that one of the best songs of the eighties was pipped by number one on the charts because of this wonderful ditty that most people over thirty in Australia can sing word for word. Midge Ure of Ultravox has never lived this down. (Vienna - what a song!) Have a look at the clip - Molly Meldrum makes a great Italian waiter on the accordian - just wish he'd paint is bloody front fence down the road.

Saturday, 2.09 pm

"Chopping wood won't stop the rage, We need targets on war we wage..."

Morcheeba, Part of the Process

Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs ever produced. Seriously naff clip for a seriously wonderful song. Rather pertinant at the moment with all the crap that's flying around at the moment. The lead singer has a fantastic voice. Really underated band.

Saturday, 8.13 pm

...systematically stepping on my head...

Crowded House, Sister Madly

This one's for my friend Bernadette, Crowded House's Number One fan. This got stuck in my head after hearing it in a shopping centre - but I really do like the band. The clip is a rather bittersweet though as the drummer, Paul Hester, took his own life in a bayside park a few years ago. Still, they're as tight as and thankfully this clip expound what this song is all about.

Sunday, 1.15 pm

"Inflamation of the foreskin, reminds me of your smile..."

Monty Python, The Medical Love Song

Ah bless. More of my badly spent youth. Love it, love it, love it! I sing this to myself to cheer myself up. Yes, it's filthy and peurile and dreadful - and it reminds me that Graham Chapman, the doctor of the group (Brian from the Life of Brian) died too, too young. But it still makes me laugh.

While going through you tube, I also found this little lovely from the Flying Circus - which had me chuckling for hours. Only the British can get away with this. So un-PC it's probably playing daily on New Zealand television.

Sunday, 7.41 pm

"Someday I'll have a disappearing hair line, and some day I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime, ooohhh, the afternoons, will be measured out, measured with coffee spoons."

Crash Test Dummies - Afternoons and Coffeespoons

More of my youth, this time from London and a wonderful share house I lived in at West Hampstead. This song is also a paraphrasing of my favorite poem, TS Eliot's "The Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock". Daft thing is that I know everybody who know's this song - and indeed, this album, does a really bad imitation of the lead singer. Intelligent music, just wish he didn't have that  drunk footy player at a wedding voice on him.

Sunday, 10.09 pm

"I hope the smoking man's in this one.."

Barenaked Ladies - One Week

Another feel good song that for years I never knew the name of the band or the song. Most people know the lyrics know the "Chickety China the Chinese Chicken..." bit , but I like the bit about the Smoking Man. Always like the Smoking Man in that show. (Another song with the X Files reference is in the Bloodhound Gang's Bad Touch - where it goes something about doing it doggy style so we can watch X-Files) Sorta dates me, I know.

Monday, 9.22 am

"Some day somebody else besides me will call me by my stage name..."

They Might be Giants, Dr Worm

This one is for Glen Waverley. He HATES this song - mainly because I used to sing it to him when he was looking stressed. Thing is, I can't really sing that well and it sounds even more ridiculous. Other silly thing, I know many, many people, who like me, love this song - another cheer up song.

Monday, 6.43 pm

"I don't believe in an interventionist God, but darling, I know you do."

Nick Cave, Into my Arms

I was late in finding Nick Cave. He, like Ben Lee, are some of the best that Australia has produced in the music scene. I really do need to investigate his music more. Like Ben Lee, I love everything I hear of his. Like Leonard Cohen, most of it is music to slit your wrists by, but I still like it. Dark, moody, intelligent - what more do you need?

Monday, 10.40 om

"I said "I want to be a singer like Lou Reed."

The Pixies, I've Been Tired

It wouldn't be a Random Lyric Long Weekend  without a song by the Pixies. The perfect way to finish off a Random Lyric Long weekend.

The only bastard - the next Long weekend we're due isn't until Christmas! Argh.

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The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

(1) Love Cats - Good tune - reminds me of University.
(2) Shaddap You Face - I hated this and I still do. In the UK it kept Vienna by Ultravox off the number one spot. GRRRR!!!!
(3) Part of the Process - Yes I am a metalhead and a rocker but I love Morcheeba! Laid back chill out music - Big Calm is one of my favourite albums.
(4) Sister Madly - not heard that one before but Crowded House were OK.
(5) Medical Love Song - HA HA - not heard that before.And I love "And Now For Something Completely Different"
(6) Afternoons and Coffeespoons - Not heard that before. Not my cup of tea.
(7) One Week - Ah - remember this - just. Not a big fan, sadly.
(8) Dr Worm - strange song but strangely catching.
(9) Into My Arms - mmm - not my cup of tea.
(10) I've Been Tired - Nice catchy little tune.

Interesting post, Pand. I love to listen to new music - shame about Joe Dolce (GRRR!!!!).