Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Lyric Long Weekend

I tried a small social experiment this long weekend.

In my facebook status, I inserted random lyrics and watched what happened - not that I was expecting anything at all. All lyrics were preceded with the leader, "Random Lyric Long Weekend:" This was so that people wouldn't be even more confused. Why were these random tidbits being placed in my status? Well why not. It was a random long weekend (Victorian Labour Day) it gave me something other than exercise to think about.

Some songs gained a few comments. Some people added next lines or views on the songs. Some lyrics just sat there like lemmings on a clifftop - innocuous and bare.

I really can't explain why some of the lyrics were chosen. Some just seemed a good thing at the time. The thing is, I'm the worst one for getting lines of songs stuck in my head to which my old workmates will attest. I'm dreadful for singing stupid songs, like "Dr Worm" or "Ma Nah Mah Na" (the latter, still being one of the funniest things I've ever seen, even 35 years on). Some of these songs are of a little better calibre so I've gone a small way to get back a little of my street cred back.

Just random lyrics for a random public holiday.

So here is the good, the bad and the ugly in order. Links to all songs have been provided so for those with an interest can see what I'm on about.

Saturday 11.26 am  "Eight, eight, I forget what eight is for...."

Saturday 7.38 pm "This will go down on your PERMANENT record....."

The Violent Femmes - The Kiss Off

This was on in the car on the way back from meditation and both lyrics come from the one song. Got lots of good associations with the Violent Femmes. This song gets in your head. Actually, the vocal stylings of Gordon Gano get into your head and stay there a while. This is off their superlative album, The Blind Leading the Naked.

I think
I love the Violent Femmes because you can sing along to them and not worry about the fact that you're out of tune. Perfect car music.

Saturday 9.42 pm: "And his penis has diseases from the Schumach tribe...."

Buffy the Musical  - "I'll Never Tell"

Okay, I'm a Buffy nerd. I possess every episode on either tape or DVD. I can sing the musical episode like all good Buffy fanatics. Thing is, Anya and Xander aren't my favorite characters. Give me Spike any day (Phwoar, be still my blushing girlie bits). Other stupid thing is, off all the songs in the whole fifty minute episode, this song is the one song that gets in your head. And this line in particular... Well, what can I say - you sorta have to be up on Buffy to know what's going on. Fun song, however. (5 comments - a couple from fellow Buffy nerds, and one thinking that the line was a bit disturbing - ah well, can't win 'em all)

Sunday 12.36 pm "Like Scott in the Antarctic, base camp to far away, a Russian sub beneath the Arctic, Burke and Wills and camels, initials in the tree...."

Australian Crawl - "Reckless"

This is my favorite song on the planet. Produced in 1983, so that puts me in Year 10. Though many complain that James Reyne's vocals are incoherent, I still LOVE this song. There's a great acoustic version on YouTube which is almost better than the original. I know one friend  who though that he was singing about "Dead Canada Beavers" (She don't like that kind of behaviour - go figure) Seems two others of my age appreciated this, they filled in more of the lyrics in the comments.

The thing about James Reyne and Australian Crawl - for as mumbly as they come across here, Andrew Denton did a series of cover versions a few years back - James Reyne sang  Kate Bush's just as impenetrable  "Wuthering Heights". Stupid thing - you can understand EVERY WORD!

Sunday 2.05 pm: I wish a doctor, could take your picture, so I could look at your from inside as well ..."

The Vapours, "Turning Japanese"

Lots of comments on this one. Again, a few people filling in the lyrics, but I did have to ask, was I the only one who it took twenty years to work out that this was a song about masturbation? One of the best one hit wonders of the eighties, along with a Flock of Seagulls, "I Ran" and The Buggles, "Video Killed the Radio Star". Mind you this came out when I was about twelve. How was I to know what that was all about then? I just remember dancing along to it at the Year Seven dance as if nothing was wrong.

Sunday, 8.00 pm "... These were just ghosts that broke my heart before I met you."

Laura Marling, "Ghosts"

I bought last year's Triple J Hot 100 Album. It showcases the best of new, often independent music for the youth of today. I loathed most of the double album. This was a rare treat on what I perceived as a heap of dross. I think I'm getting old. I was also amazed to find out that Laura Marling's only in her early twenties. I had a listen to the rest of her stuff - she's great.

Monday, 2.00 am "... your pubic hair upon my pillow, your stubble rings the sink...."

Do Re Mi, "Man Overboard"

It's 1985. I've had a bad break up. It's 2011. The cat has woken me up by sticking a claw into my big toe.

No idea why this lyric came to my head at 2 am. Thing is, most people of my age only know three lines from this song. The one in my status bar and the catch cry - "What am I expected to do? Shout man overboard!"

Having a listen to this again - superb song! Haven't heard in an age.

Monday, 9.12 am "Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain."

The Beatles, "In My Life".

A small note on this song. In the British Library in London is a birthday card of Julian Lennon's. On the front of the card is Noddy and Big Ears and the normal greetings you give to a small child. On the back of the card is John Lennon's scrawl with the lyrics to this song.

An old school friend noted that she liked this. I know she loves the Beatles, but I have a funny feeling that she, like me, have a lot more value placed on this certain song.

Monday, 1.34 pm "Twist, twist, twist, twist, mashed potato, mambo..."

Hairspray, "Miss Baltimore Crabs"

Ah, Michelle Pfeiffer - how wonderful. I'm not really into musicals, but I love this one. It's fun, it's edgy. I wish I had Tracey Turnblad's parents. It's cool. And this song is just too much fun. God Bless Thelma Von Tussle.

Monday, 5.40 pm "Heiroglyphics, let me be specific, I wanna go down in your South Seas...."

The Bloodhound Gang, "Bad Touch"

Another thing to come out of the Netherlands that you have to question - just like slavery, apartheid and Andre Rieu.

Glen Waverley and I have a good giggle over this song. He took me down the Great Ocean Road two years ago for a day trip. Driving through Apollo Bay in his hairdresser car with the top down. He PUMPED THIS SONG UP TO ELEVEN! How embarrassment.

It's a fun song, but you know that this, like the Venga Boys and that awful group that did the "Barbie Girl" song come from the Netherlands. This song can nearly be forgiven. There is no excuse for the Venga Boys.

Monday, 7.23 pm, "And can you tell me doctor why I still can't get to sleep, and why the Channel Seven chopper chills me to my feet..."

Redgum, "I was only Nineteen."

This, along with any version of "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" are two of the greatest Australian war songs written. These songs have the ability to move me to tears without fail. The only comment received was from a mate who I have a feeling has similar sentiments about this song. It's incredibly powerful.

Monday, 22.08 pm, "And it goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift..."

Leonard Cohen, "Hallelujah"

No, Jeff Buckley didn't do the original, Leonard Cohen did. Though Jeff Buckley's version is far more accessable. Gotta shove something in that isn't trash. I rather like Rufus Wainwright's version as well.

Still a great song. Needed to finish on a strong note.

Oh well, back to job hunting tomorrow. This was a fun exercise. Completely pointless, but fun. There go you, a bit of randomness for a random public holiday.



Aim said...

Buffy the Musical... the reason I bought the entire series, hahaha! (and have watched in duplicate... entire series that is - Musical, countless times, too many to remember! We could SO have a sing-off!!!)

Angel followed that... good god, between he and Spike, I was hooked on Vampires. The stupid sissy-bitch ones these days have got NOTHIN!!!

no-one said...

The Buffy musical was awesome. So much of the 6th season sucked so hard, but the musical is one of the standout episodes.

Aim...not even Vampire Diaries? I resisted that show for over a season and then watched eveything that had in one weekend after finally giving it a go. (Of course I would happily watch them stake Stefan.)

Pandora Behr said...

@ Aim - the perfect foil for all the sissy Vampires - True Blood! Oh my heavens. Spike is like, phwoar - Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgaard)is like Spike on steroids! And I agree No-one, season six of Buffy was not the best - though we did get to see bits of Spike we normally wouldn't - credit for that.

Kath Lockett said...

I like that idea. Trouble is, I'm such a mainstream gal (or was..... have no clue about music after 1992 or thereabouts).