Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Eleven Question Mini Meme

To break the monotony and bribe myself into doing some more editing (and not fall victim to watching "The Notebook" on telly for the seventeenth time) I robbed this meme from a friend of the Plastic Mancunian. The deal is, a page of editing, do a question.

This should also break up some of the heavy stuff that's been going on of late. It's a short one too. That's a positive when it comes to memes.

1. If you could live in any other time period, which would you pick?

As much as I love the perceived freedoms and choices we have in these times I reckon living in the sixties could be pretty cool - just for the music, the cars, the clothes and changes that were going on at the time. And Don Draper.

2. What is your favorite topic to write on your blog other than a meme?

I write about all sorts of things. Life, music, friends, food. But most of the time I write about running. If you're not into running, them I'm sorry. I just think that running is a metaphor for life.

3. What are some traits that you admire in a lover?

Oh, I don't know. It's been so long since I've had one. If I dig into the memories and use a bit of imagination, the list has a few things on it. Other than the obligatory sense of humour and adventure? And a good kisser. (underated talent that one) I'm into soft, inquisitve hands, furry chests, soft, great skin, the desire to take things nice and slowly (well, at first anyway) and an affectionate nature - no cuddles, no nooky. Them's the rules.

I also admire anybody who sees through my initial skittishness and lets me come out of my shell. That's an uncommon trait.

That will do for a start.

Pity it's a moot point at the moment. Must try and do something about that.

4. Could you adjust to life in another country?

Definitely. I've moved countries on  few occasions now. I moved to England in 1991 - which was like returning to my true home in many ways. It was like living in an older, more cultured, accepting country. I loved my time in England. I also moved to Greece in 2003 for a few months, living on Mykonos for a few months - which I absolutely loved. I seem to be able to get on in most places after a time. I'm lucky - I pick up bits of languages pretty easily and can get on with most people given the chance.

5. If you could study anything, what would it be?

Ah, I've been thinking about this of late. Part of me wishes that I went back to school, got better grades and applied for Medicine twenty years ago - there is something in me that may have made a good doctor - but I've never had the confidence to pull that off - and subsequently that would have been a bad move.

I'm toying with going back to university part time at the moment - Law, Creative Writing and Journalism are on the short list. I feel like a change in career is in the wind.

6. What is your favorite possession that cost less than $15?

There are a few things I possess that fall into this category. My Kmart skinny jeans that make my bum look great ($10), my white sandshoes (also Kmart, $6) are really comfy amd great for messing around in. My red comb that I've had for over twenty years - cheap but it untangles my hair with ease. My collection of thongs (jandles, flip flops, shower shoes - depending on where you come from) all cost less than $15 - in a multitude of colours, I love them - and live in them over summer. Sorry I can't put it down to one thing.

7. Which colour do you wear most often?

I live in black. It's a Melbourne thing.

8. What has been your “theme song”, or favorite song this year?

As my musical knowledge stops at around 1995, finding a this year's song is hard. My theme song is normally either The Rolling Stone's "Sympathy for the Devil" or The Pixie's "Where is my Mind?".

However, I love, adore, Josh Pike's Lighthouse Song. Though technically, I think it's from last year. Never mind.

9. What's the most romantic thing that's ever been said to you?

Gawd! In lieu of the fact that I've had next to no romance in my life, that's a hard one. Comments like "You have stupendous tits!" aren't romantic at all, though once I would have seen it as such (not any more). Working with engineers, you get the odd - "Gee, you're really great. I have no idea how you get the beer in on time." would once be classed as a romantic comment.

After a long hard think, the most romantic thing ever said to me was many years ago. It took my breath away at the time. We were talking about an imminent trip up to Puffing Billy, a steam train in the Dandenongs (which is very cool and great fun)

He said, "You are just like a steam train. You're mesmerising and fascinating, rare and elusive. You have the strange ability to drive men nuts, but in a good way."

That made me cry. I thought he was going to say that I was huge, only capable of going in one direction, full of hot air and on rails.

10. What would be your dream birthday cake?

Do I have to choose one? David Jones does this really wonderful flourless lemon cake with lemon cream cheese icing -  an old favorite. However, we had this vanilla creation from Brunettis for Gloria's birthday this year which was amazing! I just like cake... and ice cream. Hmmm, maybe an ice cream cake.

This is not a topic to be thinking about as I'm about to embark on the 12wbt as of Monday...

11. What is the coolest thing you’ve ever done?

Despite having next to no street cred, I've done some pretty cool things. I lived in England illegally for six years - not sure it that's cool or stupid. Living on Mykonos hostessing at a notorious gay bar - that was cool. The balloon ride the boys gave me for my fortieth - excellent. The seven country trip around the world last year - really cool.

Still doesn't compare to running a full half marathon last year. That was the most fullfilling and complete moment of my life. Smiled for weeks after that. A really, really cool acheivement - even if it is just daggy old running a  really long distance.

There. Eleven pages of editing done. And something shallow to blight the blog.


The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Nice little meme! I might have a go at that myself I reckon.

Good answers - I like "Sympathy for the Devil" too.




magical_m said...

I fell victim to watching The Notebook. Again. I cried. Again. It's that bit where Gena Rowlands loses it and James Garner just breaks down crying. Hits me like a sledgehammer every time.


I like the meme. I haven't done one in a while, mind if I borrow?


Pandora Behr said...

Go for it Magical M. The Plastic Mancunian finds them off of the Sunday Stealing Meme blogger. It's a nice short one for a change.

Kath Lockett said...

I wouldn't say 'shallow' exactly, Pand, because memes can reveal quite a bit - I *love* your Puffing Billy romantic line and what you thought that he was going to say....

...and dare I admit that I've never seen 'the notebook'??