Friday, October 28, 2011

A Cautionary Tale

Days without ice cream  - 7

A Cautionary Tale

Don't go drinking beer with boys
They'll lead you all astray.
They'll pump you up and leave you cold
And send you on your way.

And take no heed of boys with beer
You'll never see no good
For they talk shite and waffle on
And speak of things they would....

You know that boys with beer are bad
For they are filled with grace,
And charm and wit and all those things
That hide their truest face.

But boys with beer are kind of fun
And soppy/sweet in turn.
Just don't take too much consequence
Of crap they like to churn.

The day will come when boys with beer
Will end up slowing down,
And wive's will call, and kids have sport,
They must get out of town.

Yet boys with beer will carry on
Until all time will end
For beer and boys are linked like chain
And hopeless to defend.

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River said...

So true.