Monday, October 24, 2011

Pandora Lent III

Ice cream free days - 3 (Just don't ask about beer and chips)


It's not wrong to say that I like you better naked
Still, dozing, gently breathing, clutching the top sheet,
Eyelids fluttering in a dreamstate unwanted
Mouthing unheard conversations, rotating feet.
It cannot be right to think that I love you more silent
Undreaming of a life I cannot understand
For this is the time that you become transparent
And no willing complications come to force my hand.
For I only know you fully when you fall asleep
And the pains of the day depart from your sad eyes
The hostilities of our time together steep
In a place where there are no cries, no hurt, no lies.
I wish I could know your joys, your sadness, your pains
Aside from the lovely beast that sleep contains.

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