Monday, August 27, 2012

Elephant Hunting Part II

These pesky lellyphunts are everywhere!

They're standing in parks!

They're forgetting to wash after going to weddings.

They're hanging around food courts.

And even worse, they're coming into town in their pyjamas acting all cold and disgraceful. I mean this one has its slippers and night hat on!

Of course, there is the posh elephant that is manning the foyer at the Intercontinental Hotel, dressed in a very fetching chatreuse.

Then, on the way home from work later in the day I stumbled on this one - possibly my favourite lellyphunt to date. Her name is rusty. She has a tap for a nose in celebration of cold and flu season.

Then, just to add insult to injury, you find a lellyphunt that appears to be inspired by the brown couch and ornage curtains your nanna had in the seventies.

These lellyphunts are all rather perplexing. Some have taste. Some do not.

Making my way out for my lunchtime constitutional walk, I stumbled across some more! It's like the place is infested with lellyphunts.

This one is punching above its weight, thinking that it is a basketball player.

Then there was this strange fantasy lellyphunt that appeared to have taken a bit too much LSD. It was standing there by the banks of the Yarra looking stoned.

And then we found this beauty nearby - painted by a lellyphunt...

Twenty lellyphunts around town. Seriously, this is Melbourne. You think that they they would put five foot fibreglass statues of possums or kangaroos around the place.

My hunt had to continue. I'd found 20 lellyphunts.

Little did I know that Pandora Behr, Lellyphunt Hunter Extraordinaire was just coming into her own.

To be continued....