Friday, August 10, 2012

Expectation Realignment

It's been planned for months. City to Surf weekend. The bib came in the mail a few weeks ago. The hotel and flights are booked.

And I've had three weeks of continual colds, sinus infections and general malaise - on top of gastro a few weeks before, on top of a cold Melbourne winter on top of...

Time to adjust the expectations.

I've already moved my Melbourne Half Marathon entry down to the 10 km race. I'm not going to do much better than two hours on this City to Surf schlep - I've barely trained in weeks - but with preparation from next week I'll be grand for the Melbourne ten kilometre run. I'm good with this - I'd rather do a good job of the shorter distance than hurt myself on the longer one. Just as this weekend, I'm happy to mostly walk and jog a bit when I feel like it - I'm still coughing up junk, though I'm not sick any more. It's not work hurting myself or making myself sick again.

Things are a bit different this year. Instead of my blue race t-shirt I've shoved my favourite pirate t-shirt in the case - a black shapeless number with a skull and crossbones on it. The script reads, "The beatings will continue until morale improves."

My expectations around running have been adjusted to the realities - I'm not in top shape - its time to get training properly and make a good crack at this 10 km race in October (with a lead up to it a month before with the Adelaide City to Surf). It's a great goal to get on with - especially as I've settled into the new job and feel a bit more stable now.

The other bit of expectation realignment comes with the fact that my plans for some of this weekend have fallen through. My friend,Mariah from Brisbane was supposed to be joining me on the Friday. I haven't seen her for a few years and it's wonderful when we catch up. She's one of those old friends who fits like a favourite jumper. The conversation picks up where we left it off however long ago that may have been (I think its four years since I last saw her). Regardless, Mariah couldn't make her conference and won't be in Sydney, so I've got a day by myself in Sydney to do as I please, with a nice hotel room at my disposal and a day to do what I want before meeting some friends for dinner on the Saturday night and joining Trin for the City to Surf on Sunday Morning.

Not having Mariah join me has shaken me more than I would like. For the last few trips to Sydney I've met up with people and had some company. This time, I'm on my lonesome - and this is the fact I've had the greatest part dealing with. I'm generally great on my own. I've only ever travelled on my own - but with this, I have months to plan and adjust to my solo state. Having my plans changed at this late stage has taken some of the gloss off of the trip. I was looking forward to a wonderful meal  and a glass of wine in a nice restaurant with somebody to talk to over dinner (though this will happen on Saturday night - just not Friday) The planned shopping trips and lingering coffees won't be there.

So, for the last few days I've been thinking about what I'm going to do in Sydney by myself, with a good hotel room for two days.

It's a chance to get to the Art Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art and have a good wander. That's on the list.

Maybe go and see a film, like The Sapphires or finally get to see that Batman film that my mother is raving about (we do this, ring each other if we see a film we think the other will like. The last one I recommended to her was Hysteria - costume drama  about the invention of the vibrator - fantastic film).

Maybe I can go window shopping.

I've got my book for company, a space to relax, a big bath tub, bath salts, nail varinish and the like - its cool. After the heavy week I've had at work, it's a lovely pre-birthday treat. A day off. More than likely the last one I will be having until Christmas.

The other thing I've got planned tomorrow - something I've wanted to do in a while - I've bought myself a ticket to the Sydney Aquarium. I haven't been to an aquarium since I was a kid. Never been to the one in Melbourne, so I thought I'd try out the Sydney one first.

I've driven my poor team nuts singing this afternoon - I do that when I'm stressed - sing that is (though I probably drive them nuts most of the time too. The song - "I'm gonna go and see the fishies..."

Sung along to the tune the cat from Red Dwarf used. See.

I'll have a good time. I'm nearly over the disappointment of not seeing Mariah. Once I'm in my big bath reading my book with a glass of bubbles to hand, I'm sure I be right.

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Kath Lockett said...

You'll have fun - how could you NOT in Sydney?