Friday, August 31, 2012

Elephant Hunting Part III

Tenacity, thy name is Pandora Behr, Elephant Hunter Extraordinaire.

Look what else I found in my elephant hunting escapades.

An elephant covered in cartoon characters.

A rather fetching one done out in paisley print.

A happy, smiley lellyphunt.

Dame Edna Lellyphunt - unsure who thought of this one, but I like it - just needs a gladioli sticking out of the her trunk.

This lellyphunt obviously didn't move quick enough and got tagged.

This lellyphunt is one of my favourites. As a child my bestest ever book was a Golden Book called "The Saggy, Baggy Elephant." I reckon this is that lellyphunt.

And then in Fed Square we found another cartooned charactered lellyphunt. 

And another one hiding behind a tiger.

And this gorgeous one found at Birrarung Marr which was painted by Mirka Mora - local, lauded artist painted this one. I think she's gorgeous - an another one who can hide in strawberry patches.

Then there was this one that looks like it wants to go for a swim.

30 Lellyphunts found.

Can this intrepid Pandora Behr, Lellyphunt Hunter Extraordinaire find the last twenty that all allegedly peppered around town?

To be continued...

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The Elephant's Child said...

This is exciting, following you through the jungle. Megathanks.