Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Meme: Celebrity Obsession

It's Sunday, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for my plane after a lovely weekend away with friends. It's that time of the weekend. Either write up my meme or start trolling through a heap of journal articles. After dipping into a bit of history about the Rape of Nanking, I think that this is the more pleasant alternative.  The questions are, as always from Sunday Stealing and are on the topic of celebrity.

1)  First celebrity crush or encounter

This is a bit embarrassing, especially around these parts. I remember being around five or six and having a massive crush on Mark Holden. He went on to be a judge on Australian Idol and is now a lawyer. Always wanted to get a carnation off of him - when I was six that is.

2) Favourite celebrity encounter

Other than scumming a cigarette off Jeremy Clarkson in a restaurant many years ago - I stood behind Emma Thompson in Waitrose (supermarket in London)  once. I have better hair than her and she was taller than I thought she was going to be.

3) Most cherished celebrity obsession 

Clive Owen has been my celebrity boyfriend for years

4) Celebrity you'd like to sit down and have a chat to

George Clooney - would love to talk to him about the making of "Goodnight and Good Luck" as well as his humanitarian work

5) An artist you'd like to see live

It's such a pity he's gone, but I would have loved to have seen Philip Seymour Hoffman on stage

6) A celebrity you'd like to hang out with

Ian McKellen - while rehearsing some Shakespeare or other. He looks like a cool dude

7) A celebrity you respect purely for talent

Other than Clive Owen. Philip Seymour Hoffman was up there. I mourn the films he will never make.

8) A celebrity you feel you'd be friends with

Easy. Clive Owen - and maybe Colin Firth

9) A celebrity you dislike who others appear to love

I can't stand Will Ferrell. I can nearly tolerate him as Ron Burgundy, but I just don't get the appeal.

10)  A celebrity your respect for what they've been through in life

Robert Downey Junior has done a great job of facing his demons. Jennifer Hudson also has my complete and total respect after the murder of her mother and various other family members.

11)  A celebrity you share your birthday with

Matthew Perry (Chandler from Friends) is the only one who sticks out.

12) A celebrity you find annoying

Anybody with the surname of Kardashian. Why are they famous? Seriously....

13) Favourite under 20 celebrity

Chloe Grace Moretz has a great career ahead of her - she also has her head screwed on. Same goes for Abigail Breslin (of Little Miss Sunshine fame)

14) Favourite over 60 celebrity

Clint Eastwood - in his 80s, still makes a great movie - and he's a wonderful actor.

15) The celebrity 'fandom' that means most to you

I have no idea what this question means.


Bev Sykes said...

So glad for your answer to #15...I think we pretty much all felt the same way!

CountryDew said...

Ian is a good choice - though I really only know him as Gandalf.

Stacy said...

Great answers! We agree on several and though I didn't mention the Kardashians I totally agree.

Zippi Kit said...

The Kardashians have enough money, like that Pia person, to buy their way to the front of a camera. Outrageous behavior keeps them there. So, I agree with you!

Great Answers, and also 15 threw me. What IS that?

Jackie K said...

I totally agree about Will Ferrell!

lia said...

i agree with will ferrell. there seems to be a lot of them out there though that i just don't get the appeal of.

Kwizgiver said...

Great answers!

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Nice meme.

I think I might steal this one.




illuminati sacrifices said...

Some celebrities have no sense of being famous - they're just working. And then they'll have a random day in New York when they'll do some press and it creeps into the awareness.