Sunday, May 20, 2018

92 Days: The Care Bear Meme

I'm holed up in the Qantas Club with three and a half hours to kill before my flight takes off. Rather than roaming around Sydney spending money I thought catching up on some paperwork would be a good thing. I miss having my best mate from Brisbane living here in Sydney - it was wonderful to catch up with her regularly (Though we were in the same city last night, we just found out about it too late - she was 400 meters away as the crow flies.)

Ah well.

At least the Qantas Club as an unending supply of soda water. I fell of the food wanker wagon at lunchtime yesterday - my one muck up meal and afternoon for the month where the restrictions go out the window. Some bad choices washed down with a few gin and tonics played merry hell with my newly pristine system. Gorgonzola and tiramisu were probably not the best choices to make. Gorgonzola and I have a chequered history at the best of times.  I was still buzzing at 3 a.m. Lesson learned.

So I will get some writing done, get this blog out then chug on back to Melbourne on a latish plane.

Questions  - as always are from Bev at Sunday Stealing.

What never fails to cheer you up?

That's easy. You want to cheer me up - give me a puppy or a kitten to play with. I'm a sucker for both of them. Failing that, send me for a bath or a swim. I like being in water.

Which friend do you have the most in common with?

I have a number of friends who remind me of myself and we have lots on common. Alice and I are born a week apart and we have similar music tastes (eclectic) and have lived in similar places and love travelling. Jeanie and I are currently doing the middle-aged and single thing and we have similar career goals. Lots of my friends and I have things in common, but I think it's Alice and Jeanie who I have the most in common with at the moment.

One thing that never fails to anger you?

Pretty much anything the Federal Government does on a daily basis.

Favourite way to spend a sunny day? 

Going for lunch somewhere where you can sit outside. Swimming if it is warmer is good too.

Create a fortune cookie note based on your week.

Nevertheless, always persist.

Favourite way to exercise?

Walking and gyming - I love both and do a lot of both. Swimming is a close third, but I don't do that enough.

Favourite thing about your best friend?

Which one? I love Blarney because she is a black and white to my grey. Jayanthi is very kind and loves food like I love food. Mariah in Brisbane makes me feel like I have another sister. Jonella is always there for me and I am grateful for that.

What kind of things do you like to create?

I love to write - so creating stories is wonderful. I'm a big knitter and baker too. And I will draw, albeit badly given the chance. I like to create a safe and warm environment for myself too.

What languages would you like to learn?

I would love to take more French lessons - I have passable French, but these lessons wouldn't go astray as I have a good base. I also have a hankering to learn Spanish. All I can say now is "Two beers, please - and I want to spend a few months in Spain soon.

A topic you’re really knowledgeable about?

I'm not bad in the modern literature field - and I'm a complete Shakespeare boffin.

When do you feel you look your best?

Strangely, give me a short skirt, tights, bovver boots and a jumper and let my hair go free, with a slash or red lipstick. Aging rock chick me - but I feel good about it. 

Now that some weight is coming off, I'm feeling more confident naked too. I do naked. Just don't summon the visuals.

What types of music do you like to listen to?

Rock. Adult Alternative. A bit of soul. I don't mind the odd bit of jazz. I rather like classical. My iPod playlists could have theses written about them.

Something that leaves you completely in awe?

Anybody who can pick up a huntsman spider and take them outside. I hate the fuckers.

What is your most childish aspect?

I have many childlike qualities. I love jumping in puddles and kicking leaves. Ice cream makes me happy. I still believe in the good in the world.

A time where you had to be really brave?

When my niece died. That summoned courage I never knew I had.

How do you like to keep warm?

Tuck me up in bed with a heavy duvet. That or stick me in front of a wood fire. I miss wood fires - we had them when I was a kid.

What brings out your soft side?

Romantic movies. Puppies and kittens. I'm known as a big sook anyway, so it doesn't take much.

What is your favourite way to treat yourself?

Buying makeup that I really don't need. And as I'm on this food wanker plan, once a week I have a bar of Pana Chocolate.

Something you’re proud of about yourself?

Completing my masters with a High Distinction average is something I am proud of. I'm also glad that I rarely settle on things, but strive for better.

Something you don’t care about? 

I would have said the Royal Wedding, but I ended up watching it anyway. I really don't care about most Reality Television. There are a couple of exceptions, but most reality telly leaves me cold.

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CountryDew said...

Congratulations on that high distinction on the masters degree. Well done.

Bev Sykes said...

I should have said "pupppies" for what makes me happy! Nothing better than a bunch of puppies to make me smile.