Tuesday, May 15, 2018

97 Days: Pandora Dreams of Travel

This morning's gym session at 6.15 am got me thinking. Thanks to the wanker food plan, thought a little tired, there is energy to burn as Cleo, personal trainer extraordinaire put me through my paces.

And we go talking travel between the stupid number of squats, lat pull downs, push ups and the other torture methods I pay for her to inflict on my twice a week. Cleo is heading off to South America for five weeks. This means two things.Firstly, Jay and I get Pete for five weeks as a trainer. Pete - or Peeeeette as we call him will have his hands full. We like to tear strips off the bugger.

The other thing is I've gone into holiday planning mode.

So I'm off to Bali in August for a week. Most of that is paid for.

Nah, I'm looking at a big trip next year. A few months even. Looking at America, Spain and a few other countries - possibly with a stop in Bali on the way home.

I want to walk the Camino de Compostella di Santiago - there's around six weeks. I've been looking at groups to walk with - I could go on my own, but I'd rather a few things planned.

I want to go back to the V&A Museum in London.

I want to roam the streets of New York for a week or so - just because.

I want to see some friends who now live in Europe.

I want this.

And the last time I wanted something like this - which was to go to Spain, I put this out there to some friends. A few months later, I won two tickets to anywhere in the world.

I have no idea how I am going to fund this, but this is my next challenge. I want a few months off - and I really want to travel far and wide.

Let's see what comes back to me.

Today's song. Most apt I feel:

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I love that song.

I've only been to the V & A museum once (I know - I'm a Philistine!).

Been to Abu Dhabi this year, plus trips planned to Spain, Portugal Italy and Croatia. It's handy living in Europe.