Friday, July 13, 2018

38 Days: The Guilt Trip

I am still in possession of Blarney and Barney's cat, the eponymous Maow Maow. For the last three weeks he has been:

  • Demanding breakfast any time between 5.30 am and 7 am
  • Sleeping on my blue snuggie on the couch
  • Sleeping in the very middle of my bed
  • Spreading kitty litter all around the flat
  • Making a mess of his dinner (He has the table manners of  a two-year-old)
  • Sitting on my chest when I get home from work
  • Demanding my attention when I'm on the phone
  • Covering my clothing with hair
  • Beating up his blue teddy (which I've called Hump)
  • And when anybody is in the stairwell, baying for attention.
The last point I found out about last night when my downstairs neighbour, Amy came up. Amy and I have been feeding each others' cats for years. She told me that he's been playing up when he hears people in the stairwell talking, he makes out as if his throat has been cut. 

As I'm off for the weekend, I give Amy some instructions as to what to do with the lad. He's quite easy to handle. Give him roo meat twice a day, fill up his water and his 'pussy flowers' (dry food), give him a cuddle.

After the roo meat, the cuddle is the most important. This critter will go to almost anybody. At home, he receives Christmas cards from people around the district, he is that friendly. When I have guest over, he's onto them like a rash.

Amy also noticed his tail, when she was giving him a pat last night.
"Such a stumpy tail," she said.
"It's not stumpy, he's fat." I retorted.
"Have a look.." 
"No, it's like fat men have little willies - fat cats have stumpy tails."

Poor Maow Maow. 

So Amy will check in on him over the weekend as I'm out at a play tonight and off to Sydney in the morning. I find it strange that I'm arranging cat sitting for an animal who doesn't belong to me. 

I'm also not looking forward to the guilt trip I'm going to be fed both tonight, when I get home from the theatre, and tomorrow morning when I get out my suitcase.

Animals! Who'd have them?  I'm sort of pleased he's going home on Monday night.

Actually, no I'm not. Despite the scratches and the bits of kitty litter around the flat and all the hair, I rather love having the critter about the place.

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