Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Blog-tober - Hell Week

It's Hell Week.

Hell Week is when I have something on every night of the week.

Last night it was the Elks - all good - all fun, but it takes me an hour or so to calm down after a meeting. Got home around eleven. Was in the gym doing Pump at 6.am.

Today, in the gym at 6 a.m. doing Spin. Good Day at work. Book Group after work. Now I'm home.

Tomorrow - running with Desi before work. Lunch with and old friend. Leave work bang on time and come home and do a set of feet. Feed myself then go to dream group where I reckon I will be getting a drubbing over my dream. Packing for the day now.

I don't want to think about the rest of the week - though it calms down a bit after that. Pinochet, 6 a.m. Pump on Friday, Pinochet Saturday, Spin on Saturday, a facial, dinner with Jonella, a 10 km run on Sunday.

I wish I didn't write all this down. It's made me tired.

Ah well, next week is a little better - just.


The Elephant's Child said...

I came over all tired and emotional reading about your Hell Week. Aptly named. Good luck.

Kath Lockett said...

I hear you, I really, really do.... Zzzzzzzz .....

Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Where DO you find the energy???