Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blog-tober - Pilates

Pinochet contacted me to say he was sick. Thursday night - no training session - argh! I'd been for a run in the morning but was looking forward to pushing some weights around.

So, the choice was go it alone or go do a pump class tonight.

I opted for pump.

Arriving early at the gym, I thought about doing a bit of cardio. Nah. Get some deep squats in on the vibro machine - yeah. Go on - the knee's been a little iffy. While I was doing this, one of the pump regulars, Pam came up. We had a chat. What was I doing? Did it help my knee, what could it do for her? What classes was she going to.

Pam was off to Pilates - scheduled at the same time as pump.

Pilates is the one class I don't go to (well that and BodyAttack - and that's because I think that looks like sponsored epileptic fit) Part of it is timing - I'm normally with Pinochet at that time - and also it's not that hard core. I go to pump and spin. I'm a Hardcore Harriet - I like getting sweaty. Pilates. Hmph. Girlie class.

I asked Pam what she liked about it.
"It's with Pedro. What's not to like?"

True. Pedro takes the 6 am spin and pump classes. He's from Spain. He's a dancer. He's also all guns and buns and this half soppy, half sneery smile and floppy hair that makes your knees go all weak.

Pam and I continued to chat. Jay, who joined us, was grilled as to if I should do Pilates.

"Come to Pilates. Pedro is WONDERFUL! Ay, Pedro!" (Mock Spanish accent, slap to the forehead - Pedro's signature move)

Okay give it a go. What was the worst that could happen.

So yeah, my first Pilates class tonight.

And for somebody with no balance, I didn't do too badly. Okay, my breathing was all over the shot, but it felt good to stretch and roll and basically lie on my back with my legs in the air for an hour. Also found out my core strength isn't too bad.

And after the class?

Actually, I feel really good. Nice and relaxed and a bit taller. Would I go back?

Well, to watch Pedro, yes, of course.

But for now, I'll stick to my hard core sweaty ways. Back in the gym tomorrow at 6 am.

Pedro's Pump Class.

It's amazing how the sight of a cute bum make you skip out of bed with the sparrows.

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