Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Shipwreck Questions

The thought of being shipwrecked with my friends would be enough for me to swim out to sea and never come back. So when I look at these questions, remember that I am all Robinson Caruso on my island, Would much rather be stuck on an island with strangers. At least that way you can get to know people and not have to ruin your friendships. (Sorry friends - it's the same reason I'm going on the Camino alone. And you'd never get me on a cruise. Sounds like torture to me.

Questions, as alway, from Sunday Stealing.

You are shipwrecked with friends (your group can include real life or virtual life or both) think about it and pick some friends to truly enjoy your cruise +  and tell us why you assembled the group by just telling us...

Who would throw the wildest parties, and why did you pick them? 

I didn't pick them - they are people I don't know.

Who would always fall asleep on the couch, and why did you pick them? 

Where else are you supposed to sleep?

Who would enter to be in a talent show, and why did you pick them? 

You're shipwrecked - why would there be a talent show?

Who would try to get out of doing their chores and why did you pick them?

That person would get banished. Don't like slackers.
Who would accidentally set the kitchen on fire whilst cooking and why did you stupidly pick them?

We have to make our own kitchen. You learn to look after fire pretty quickly.

Who would try to domesticate an island pet and why did you pick them?

That would be me.
Who would make the other carry their bags on a shopping spree and why did you pick them?

You're shipwrecked. No shops. Silly question. Besides  - who doesn't carry their own bags when shopping?
Who would throw the first person off the boat and why did you pick them?

Probably the arsehole of the group. He'd be second into the drink.
Who would be the best caregiver when someone got sick & why did you pick them? 

I might be in that group. Give me something to do.

Who would try to force the another to play sports with them & why did you pick them? 

They can follow the arsehole out to sea. Should learn to leave people alone.

Who would have the best holiday ideas for your space on the island and why did you pick them?

Me. I plan great holidays.
Who would need to clean out someone others stuff to make room for their own & why did you pick them? 

You're shipwrecked. you don't have stuff.

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older & why did you pick them? 

There will be one of them in any crowd. Stay away from them.

Flashes everyone when they walk by after taking a shower alone & why did you pick them? 

That's a bit daft.He can go be with the vain person. The deserve each other.

Who wakes you to asks weird questions in the middle of the night & why did you pick them? 

I can be accused of that one occasionally.

Who will constantly ask you “what are you thinking about?” & why did you pick them? 

Another person to go walk the plank...

Which of your friends on this island might being too touchy-feely while you interact, why did you pick them?

Stick them with the vain couple.


Zippi Kit said...

Make them walk the plank! great idea! loved your answers.

Bev Sykes said...

It is starting to look like most of this thought this was pretty silly.

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You are a riot! I try to find something a bit different but I neglected to figure that since we don't know anyone's friends this was incredibly stupid. Thanks for the laughs and I promise I will find a good one next week!

CountryDew said...

Walking the plank is good. I went all imagination on this one and had a good time with it.

Angie Church said...

love your answers so very fun come read mine at