Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blog-Tober - Small Pleasures

Went running with Desi yesterday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary there - I go running with Desi most Wednesday mornings before work.

The morning started like most mornings at the moment - the cat perched itself on my shoulder and demanded breakfast. I got up, had a quick shower, dressed and put myself on the seven 'o' clock tram. I made a dent in the book group book on the way in.

Nothing abnormal about that either.

This morning, crossing the road across to the gym, where my clothes are stashed while I'm running, I get enveloped in a bear hug and kissed on the cheek. Mac on this way to work. Must have looked a sight - two people having a quick embrace in the middle of the Collins and King Street intersection.

Stowed my stuff at the gym, met Desi and did a slow 5 kms - Desi is just getting back into running - I'm just happy to be out there.

We get back to the King and Collins intersection forty minutes later and Desi and I say our goodbyes.

The best bit of the run - the bit that has stayed with me longest. Letting my hair down and jogging back to the gym against the rabble in their suits, not particularly sweaty, just glowing nicely.

The breeze in my hair, moving freely, untethered by worry.


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