Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Blog-tober - Too Tired To Write

Two more days of cat sitting. Squeaky Puss is generally a joy, but the sitting on my shoulder, licking my ear demanding she get under the covers at 2 am - a bit over that - though her Mum says that I should just let her under the covers when I go to bed. Like that is going to happen.

One of my lodge passed away on the weekend - sad, but at 97 she had a good innings. Sad to see her go. Although it would be nice to pay my respects, getting the time off work would be impossible.

This morning's spin class was only marginally easier than the spin class 12 hours earlier - Lancalot, who takes the Monday night class is encouraging, but he has nothing on Pedro and the 6 am class.

Looking forward to the long weekend. For the first time in my thirteen years in Melbourne I'm taking the day off between Melbourne Cup Day and the weekend. (sorry, make that the second time - in 2010 I was on an epic journey around the world - must do that again.) Going to a conference. Should be a blast. How much mischief can the Australian Society of Technical Communicators get into, I wonder?

Had a really productive day at work. It's amazing how you can get a heap done when you don't have meetings.

Cute moment of the day involved a story my aunt in Philadelphia related on her facebook page. A friend asked her why Hurricane Sandy was called what it was - when it was cold and wet and windy and it was nowhere near the desert...

That is about all I can string together. I'm seriously knackered - not helped by the overly warm spring weather.

I've watched my program (56 Up - have loved the 7 Up series), now to do the dishes and go to bed - and it all starts over again at 6.15 with what is coming my normal morning Spin class.


Pand the Knackered

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Kath Lockett said...

Hmmm - Australian Society of Technical Communicators - ASTC - or it is - Always Sexually-Transmitted Consequences?