Sunday, June 9, 2024

Sunday Stealing: Quick Question

 After a red-eye flight yesterday morning, and an eleven hour sleep last night, I'm working out what time it is and where I am. It's a bit cooler than Darwin down here. Maybe that's why I slept so well last night. 

Now for this week's questions before I put myself back to bed. 

Questions, as always, come from Bev at Sunday Stealing

1.  Are you afraid of the dark?

No. Am I afraid of what goes on during the night, also no, but I know I am a lot more wary of walking the streets at night around here. In Darwin, I won't go out alone after dark. 

2.  Can you curl your tongue?

Yes. I have that genetic mutation. 

3.  Can you wiggle your ears?


4.  Did you ever participate in a talent show?

Not that I can ever remember. They're not big things over here. 

5.  Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

Yes. Both my ears are pierced and I have a small tattoo of the Chinese symbol for love on my hip. 

6.  Do you prefer Mac or PC?

As much as I love Apple products, I have only ever owned PCs. 

7.  Do you still have your wisdom teeth?

I have two of my wisdom teeth. The top and bottom ones on the right are gone, both taken out in the chair in my 20s in different sittings. The one at the bottom got a dry socket - some of the worst pain I've ever experienced. The other two are still there and are fine. 

8.  Do you watch cartoons?

Not now. I used to really like cartoons as a kit, and was a big fan of Rugrats and X-Men in the 90s when they played on telly on Saturday morning in England. It was perfect hangover viewing. 

9.  Have you ever been hospitalized?

Yes, but all were planned and it wasn't for long. I've had two overnight stays after having a gynae procedure and once when having my gall bladder out in the last five years. I'm lucky.

10. Have you had braces?

No. I missed out on that rite of passage. 

11. Were you ever a Girl or Boy Scout? (Or a brownie)

I was a brownie for about three months, just before we moved to the country, where they didn't have scout or girl guide troupes. 

12. What is one food you refuse to eat?

I can't think of anything I'd refuse to eat as I'm a pretty adventurous reader, though I think Century Eggs, a Chinese delicacy, would be pushing those limits. I'm also no fond of bananas or lasagne. The former is about the texture and that there is about a three-hour window when they are just right. I don't like the latter because I got really bad food poisoning from a lasagne many years ago and I've not been able to look it in the eye ever since. 

13. What's the most expensive item of clothing that you own?

I bought a wonderful silk kimono in Darwin that was a lot more than I pay for most clothes. I love it. It's an art piece. But it won't be worn until summer now. 

14. What's your favorite foreign food?

Define foreign. In Australia, food is food, and being a very multicultural place, we have all sorts of cuisine that makes it onto our tables. But here are a few things I like.

  • Indian food - Kadai Paneer
  • Vietnamese food - Bahn Mi (good bahn mi - pho is good too)
  • Japanese food: Any dessert with yuzu in it. Sake's deconstructed yuzu cheesecake is amazing. 
  • Spanish food: Patatas Bravas if you please. 
  • Chinese food: Yum cha (also known as dim sum)
  • French food: There's a long list here, but steak tartare and anything with French butter in it. Love French Butter. 
  • Greek food: Glactoboureko
  • I also love the spice palate of Middle Eastern food. 
  • And flat rice noodles that hail from Thailand and Indonesia
  • Oh and for Malaysian food, there's Char Kway Teow, and their satay's are to die for. 
  • In New Zealand there is this feijoa soda which is incredible....
Do you want me to go on?

15. Who's your favorite fictional character?

At the moment I have a little thing for Benedict Bridgerton. Just because...

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Roger Owen Green said...

Silk kimono. It sounds lovely.
I love that cover of Tainted Love.

Faith said...

OOH I would LOVE to own a silk kimono. I shuddered at the question "foreign food". To me, i embrace all cultures and I live in a good multi-cultural suburb surrounded by 3 small cities about 2 hours north of NYC so we have a plethora of good ethnic foods. My fave is Japanese food. But I also love Thai, French, Italian (authentic like when we were in Rome) and I do enjoy some Chinese. OH and Indian....just about any Indian dish. and we've recently been eating Moroccan food. SO good

ok now I'm hungry