Monday, May 12, 2014

Blog-a-Day May: Day 12: The Two Month Challenge

My friend JK does a monthly goal setting at the start of each moth where she makes a short list of the things she wants to get done - and it appears to help her to get through these things and set some good habits.

Well, I have this contract until the start of July, so I'm setting a few goals to see me through until then. Nothing too hard, but some behaviours I want to modify.

So here we go.

Challenge One:

Unless there is a work sponsored lunch or I have pre-arranged plans, I'm to take my lunch in to work.

This in theory is not hard. I'm in a bit of a lunch dead zone in this new role, but I really need to do a bit of economising, so bringing in lunch to work every day it is. I'll add in that if I can keep my take away coffee's to say three a week, even better.Over the last few weeks I've been making an effort to drink herbal teas and it appears to be doing me a bit of good.

Challenge Two:

The plastic bag challenge. Victoria is not a single use plastic bag free zone, unlike South Australia and Tasmania where you have to take your shopping bags or buy one. My challenge to myself is to restrict my own use of plastic bags when doing grocery shopping. They can only be used if I run out of my own shopping bags. I have plenty of reusable shoppers. I have no excuse not to. Just a matter of amending the habits. I will state that this is for grocery shopping only.

Challenge Three:

The walk to/from work challenge:

To attempt to make at least half of my transport to and from work on foot. It's a 35 minute walk. This is not a challenge. The only exception to this is if it's raining all week - that is the only get out clause here.

Challenge Four:

Over the next two months, every week a different room in the house gets a proper clean. My flat is clean enough, but I'd like to feel that if there was an inspection again in a few months time I don't have to spend a weekend cleaning again. Happens every year - maybe if I gave each room an "Inspection Clean" once a month I'd be in a better spot when inspection / house guests arrive.

They are little things to change. What do all those management course say about SMART goals? Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time related?

These fit the bill.

I'll report in weekly.

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Jackie K said...

Wow, these are fantastic. I might even take up a couple of those for my future monthly challenges. But! Don't be too hard on yourself. Maybe try ONE of these for a week or month and then move onto the next.
You're the most motivated and challenge-succeeding person I know, so you'll ace these I'm sure.