Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Blog-a-Day May: Day 14: The Accidental Film Editor

Today I got to play film editor. I've never been a film editor before. I've found out through this process that I'm not a bad film editor.

I also found out that I'm a frustrated perfectionist. Everything could be better, but it was good enough and my manager was happy.

Still, I've got better at film editing and the job will be done by lunchtime tomorrow..

Who knew?

Also had my six monthly dentist appointment today. I think I'd like a job where I can charge $200 for fifteen minutes of work, though sticking your fingers in people's mouths is a bit gross at any price.

George and I worked out I'd been seeing him every six months for ten years now. Gee that time has gone quickly. Also very pleased my new health fund pays double on dental than the old fund. That worked out well.

Went to dream group too - but nobody had a dream.

All of this took my mind of the anger that the Australian Federal Budget has invoked. I tried to stay away from the television today. Turned to ABC24 this morning where I watched Mathias Korman try and tell me that Julie Bishop was a diplomat.

Best laugh I had all day.

Also watched as a pensioner named Vilma tore strips off our Prime Minister, cretin that she is. She won't be the last.

Another good thing from today, my sense of smell and taste is slowly returning. Eating has no joy when you can't taste anything. Food shopping is very matter of fact.

However, today, I worked out that the barista at the dodgy coffee shop burned the beans. Even with next to no sense of taste that she's stuffed my coffee up. Still, I drank it.

There is nothing worse on the planet than not being able to smell your own farts when you work in an office.

My earworm today was a nice one.

Who knew that Pink Floyd  would make a good ear worm.

Better blog tomorrow, but I leave you with a Pink Floyd Classic: rather apt after a cretinous, backward thinking government screws over three quarters of the nation.

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