Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Blog-a-Day May: Day 20: Health Check

Short blog today.

As a catch up from last week and the two month challenge.

1) I've walked at least one way to or from work over the last week. Mission on the way. I realised as I walked around the city tonight before book group how wonderful having your health really is. It was great to stride out and not be gasping for breath.

2) On the lunch front, it's been a win. Lunch has been taken in every day. Doing well on that front too, though I'm a bit over chicken chilli con carne and quinoa.

3) So far, a plastic bag from the supermarket has not entered the place - I've been good with taking my reusable bags. Very proud of myself.

4) On the clean and tidy stakes I can still see the lounge room floor and there is space on the couch. Quite proud of this.

Oh, and the wart on my toe is finally under some control. Off to the podiatrist again tomorrow bit it is looking a lot better.

There's a lot to do this week. Had a most excellent book group tonight, full group for a change and the book was universally liked. (Hannah Kent's "Burial Rites" - well worth the read.) Now I'm sitting down here with one eye on the show "Snog, Marry, Avoid". It's the best thing on television at the moment. I can't do the news at the moment. News that Joe Hockey is suing Fairfax for defamation is all a bit too much.I'll throw something if the sook shows his face on the telly (Just as Abbott has cancelled his visit to a university in Geelong - in the words of one of our senators, "Behind every bully is a coward."

Dream group tomorrow night.

Thursday I've got the gym plus I'm on birthday cake making duty.

Friday, prepare to go away and ice cakes.

Then I'm away at the crack of dawn on Saturday Morning, dropping off the cakes on the way to the airport.

A big week, but I'm fully intending to walk to keep walking to work, not using single use plastic bags, lunch with friends and a bit of cake making.

A busy week,

Ah well.

Right, back to "Snog, Marry, Avoid" and get ready for tomorrow.

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FletcherBeaver said...

Hey Panda. I was just reading what you thought you should write about a few days ago. And in the last few days I have had a big clean up of my filing cabinet and have thrown all my writing away, but in amongst it I found a draft of you Illegal Alien story. I'm sure it is old and probably not much good to you. When I read you blog I thought it would interesting and then a copy falls out at me. Just thought I'd tell you, maybe it is a sign.