Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Reno - Day Two

There is something strange about getting dressed to go for a shower.

At 6.00 am I rose with the alarm, got dressed, drove to the gym and went and had a shower. I could have walked to the gym, but it was 1) a bit dark 2) a bit nippy and 3) I needed to be back in good time so I could let Craig and Neil - tradie and tiler extraordinaire, into the block. This was the case yesterday as well.

On the good side of this reno, I'm getting to work a bit earlier.

I'm also glad I didn't have to go up to Sydney for the day today - wouldn't have been able to shower before getting in the cab at stupid 'o' clock to allow me onto the plane at an equally stupid time - I'm really not that human without my shower..

The bedroom door is shut  - made sure of it before I left- thank goodness. Hopefully that will keep a bit of the dust out of the place. I've also remembered to close my laptop and upend my keyboard.

So at the end of day two the floor is now re-tiled, two walls have tiles on them, the shower base has been replaced and the ceiling sanded.

On the not so good side of things, the flat smells of solvent, my laundry trough is in the middle of the lounge, there is dust everywhere and according to Craig, he'll come back next week to fit new cornices and a new ceiling - but I should have a useable bathroom by Friday morning.

If I don't I'll have to cadge a shower off of my downstairs neighbours. Joyful is that. Thankfully I get on well with my downstairs neighbours. I feed their cat.

The dusting can wait until the weekend when the worst of it is finished.

The only cost to me is two hot cross buns a day - I'm feeding them to the boys to keep them sweet. I found it most interesting when I asked them if they wanted either fruit, chocolate or mocha buns, they both put this dopey smile on their faces and looked like little boys being offered a lolly. "Chocolate, please!" they said in unison.

Keep 'em sweet.

Actually, more to the point, they're nice people doing a good job who clean up after themselves. A hot cross bun in appreciation is not hard at all.

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