Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Laundry List Meme

Well, I'm back from Bali and it appears that I may have picked up a mild case of giardia... joy. Slept most of the afternoon, which is why this is a bit late.

Question, as per normal, are from Sunday Stealing.

Do you know any couples that have been married for a very long time? 

Quite a few. Most are friends of my parents, but yes, I know of lots of successful marriages.

What are you tired of people telling you? 

In no official order - buy a house, get a full time permanent job, the grief will pass and how exercise can be bad for you.

Which type of ice cream do you prefer? 

Generally vanilla. I also love coffee ice cream and if I can get it, Maggie Beers Burnt Fig Jam and Butterscotch ice cream. Bliss.

Do you have a little sister? What’s her name? 

Yes. Her name is Sue.

What was the last movie you watched on TV? 

I caught the end of V for Vendetta last night. Love that film.

If the internet was not available right now, what would you do instead? 

I have a book I need to read for book group. I also have to finish unpacking from Bali.

Do you complain a lot? 

I try not to. I'm mindful to not complain to much. It gets you nowhere anyway.

Name a movie that your favorite actor is in. 

Alan Rickman has been a favourite of mine since Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Do you like your toes? 

Yes. Though I wish my big toenail didn't tend to ingrow regularly.

Would you rather go to an authentic haunted house or an ancient temple? 

Ancient temple - any day, every time.

Have you ever had champagne? Did you like it?

There is nothing better than French Champagne. Adore the stuff.

Are there any seashells in your room? 


What was the reason for the last time you went outside? 

I went out to drive to Blarney and Barney's for dinner this evening.

Do you like fruity or minty gum? 

Minty. I was thrilled to find doublemint gum in Bali. Love that stuff. The smell of Juicy Fruit gum always reminds me of my father.

Are you looking forward to any day of this month? 

Um, there is only a few hours left of this month. I'm looking forward to starting a new job in a week or so. And book group. That's a start.

What was the last graduation you attended? 

My own, graduating from the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, but that was over ten years ago.

Do you rummage through the $5 movie bin at Walmart every time? 

Um, no, we don't have Walmart here, but I do check out the sale movies at Big W when I'm there. I try not to buy.

What day of the week do you usually do laundry? 

I don't have a laundry day. I do the washing a couple of times of week.

Do you like using air fresheners? 

Not the processed ones. Happily use essential oils to flavour the air.

Are your nails ever painted red? 

Regularly and often.

When you were a baby, did you have a favorite blanket? 

Yes. I loved my Bluey.

Ever been on a cruise? 

Hell no. And I doubt I ever will.

Would you rather go to Alaska or Russia? 

Both sounds fascinating, but I think Russia wins out on this one.

Strawberries or bananas? 

Strawberries. I don't really like bananas.

Are you wearing socks? 

No. And I'm very proud of the fact that for a month, I've only really worn thongs (flip-flips / jandles) for the last six weeks only putting on shoes to go to the gym.

When’s the last time you went to the mall?

I was down at Victoria Gardens this morning to get a few supplies and have breakfast with the girls from the gym. Feeling a bit too dodgy to go to the gym however, otherwise I would have been in pump.


CountryDew said...

Glad you are back safe from your trip, but sorry you picked up a bug. Hope you recover quickly.

I could never go that long without wearing socks. I have to have something on my feet all the time.

Kwizgiver said...

Bali sounds great, aside from bringing home the bug. HOpe you recover quickly! I've got to read my book group book, too. That's going to come all too soon.