Sunday, January 3, 2016

The This Year Meme

Well, the Kon Marie process has started. Although I'm not starting on my clothes yet, I've had a good chuck out of erroneous crap from my spare room. A boot full of stuff went to Georgie and Thom's this afternoon (Where Thom managed to sort my new laptop out - I'm good, but sometimes you need a systems engineer - thank's for that). The clothes will be done to the KonMari method after I've made the apricot jam - the apricots are sitting on the kitchen floor ripening.

The questions come from Sunday Stealing - as always

This year:

A bad habit I'm going to break: 

Being late on weekends. I'm always ten minutes late on weekends. It's rude. It must stop.

A new skill I'd like to learn: 

It's really an old skill to re-learn. I'd like to be running regularly by the end of the year.

A person I'd like to be more like: 

Me. I don't want to be like anybody else.

A good deed I'm going to do: 

Donate more to charity. It feels good. I'm doing that with this cull of the crap in my flat.

A place I'd like to visit: 

I'm overdue for a trip to Europe. I'd also really like to go to Robe, South Australia. Haven't been there since I was a kid.

A book I'd like to read: 

A Little Life by Hanya Yanigahara. It's on my kindle and Mum gave me her hard copy. Once the book group book is read it's next off the block.

A letter I'm going to write: 

Will have to email a few friends, but I can't think who I would be writing to.

A new food I'd like to try: 

Not so much a new food, but a new experience. Jonella and I were talking over coffee today - we're budgeting to go to Vue de Monde for our birthdays for a degustation dinner. Yay.

I'm going to do better at:

Reading books (would like to read more books)
Not getting flustered about the small stuff.
Live in the moment.


CountryDew said...

Living in the moment can be very hard to do, but when it's done it is very rewarding. Usually.

Stacy said...

It's so easy to get off schedule on the weekends.

Kwizgiver said...

I've got the same book on my TBR. I'm saving it for a vacation, though, in case I get drawn in and can't put it down.

Shannon W. said...

I also said "myself" for "person I'd like to be more like".

Happy New Year!

Zippi Kit said...

Living in the Moment is actually how we've always been ment to live but our brain keeps worrying about the future. Planning is ok, but the worry is killer stuff.

It's good to be yourself, your authentic self is what you once were and could be again. You've got such Good thoughts and a Great plan, both for decluttering "stuff" and your mind. Wishing you much success, and a very Happy New Year!

Dipannita said...

It was so damn true...