Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Why Do You Want To Know That? Meme Part 3

So I'm on holidays. Holidays mean cleaning and binge watching Brooklyn Nine Nine (which is great fun - thanks Netflix) and clean my flat.

I have at least another three weeks off - two weeks here and a week being a hippy in Bali, life is alright.

So, on to the questions, as always, from Sunday Stealing.

50. What do you spend most of your money on?

Three things: Rent, bills and tuition. Tuition keeps going up - which is not good.

51. Would you rather visit the past or the future? 

I think I'd rather visit the past. I like to keep the future a surprise. There are a few things I'd love to approach differently.

52. Favorite clothing store? 

Dream Diva. They sell stylish big girl clothes that are good and funky.

53. What is the best advice you can give to those who are feeling down? 

Go for a walk or go to the gym. Get moving. Endorphins are great.

54. How often do you think about your future? Does it scare you? 

Often. And yes, it scares me.

55. What angers you the most? 

Injustice, misogyny, racism, ignorance. Most of the actions of the Australian Federal Government.

56. When was the last time you got majorly angry? 

Yesterday. Don't really want to talk about it.

57. When was the last time you got really sad? 

My niece died about three weeks ago. It's been a bit of a roller coaster since then.

58. Are you good at lying? 

Depends what I'm lying about. I'm good with white lies - I don't do the bigger ones - not worth it.

59. What foreign language would you like to learn? 

I'd love to get my school girl French and make it fluent. I'd also love to learn Spanish.

60. How many languages can you speak and what are they? 

I've got reasonable French, plus a bit of Spanish, Italian and Greek under my belt - just tourist language, but it gets me places.

61. How often do you go to parties? If you don’t, what do you do instead? 

I rarely go to parties. Too old for that.

62. What books do you plan to read this year? 

I read a lot - managed over thirty books last year. On my list there are things like Orwell's 1984, Yanagihara's, A Little Life, a lot more David Mitchell and Louis De Bernieres.

63. Do you have breakfast every morning? 

Yes, Can't go without breakfast, though normally it's a protein shake.

64. Tell us a secret. 

No. It wouldn't be a secret then.

65. How many concerts have you been to? 

Lots over the years. The first one I went to was Elton John with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The last one I went to was the Pixies at Festering Hall.

66. Last hug? 

Yesterday. Was not having a good day yesterday. A friend talked me off the ledge (metaphorically) last night, but I was in need of hugs yesterday.

67. Who knows you better than anyone else? 

Maow Maow. He knows all there is to know.

68. Baths or showers? 

Both. I only have a shower at home, but I love a bath.

69. Do you think you’re ambitious? 

Not overly, but I do have an ambitious side, especially with my writing.

70. What song is stuck in your head? 

Something daft found when as I'm copying over my CDs onto my laptop.

71. Countries you’ve visited? 

Let me see, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Greece, Spain, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Germany, The UK, Ireland, The United States. That's not too bad, but there should be more.

72. What do you most value in your friends? 

Loyalty and kindness. A sense of humour and intelligence are up there too.

73. What helps you to sleep better? 

Having somebody else in the house. Strange, but I always sleep better when somebody else is around. Unfortunately that is not often.

74. What is the most money you have ever held in your hand? 

I've worked in banks for a long time. In my Lehman Brothers days it was not uncommon to have cheques for over a hundred million US dollars in my hands - unfortunately that wasn't my money...

75. What makes you nervous?

Anything to do with huntsmen spiders or Donald Trump.


Kwizgiver said...

I still need to see Elton John in concert. He's on my bucket list.

CountryDew said...

I am sorry about your niece. You are very well traveled. And Donald Trump should scare everybody.

Cat. said...

I'm sorry about your niece's death. That is sad indeed. Hugs.

Zippi Kit said...

There comes a time when sweet memories will take the edge off the sadness, but it's a bumpy road. Enjoy Bali and its beauty.