Friday, November 18, 2016

Song a Day November: Mellow Yellow

So, I'm $100 lighter after a trip to the doctor and a visit to the chemist for antibiotics. Seems the weeping, crusty, sore, itchy eye is something real like a staph infection. Oh joy. A few days of the colourful capsules should do the trick. I'm looking forward to waking up without a crusty left eye.

So, I'm about to go out, sans makeup near my weeping, crusty, sore, itchy eye over to the other side of town for dinner and I needed a car trip song.

I have a memory from childhood, on a long car trip, somewhere, when this came on the radio.

It gets stuck in your head.

The song is older than me.

And it's still fun.

1 comment:

PsychoCat said...

Tinted glasses a la Bono. I had it a few weeks ago and it's all part of the horrible lurgy that lasts forever...