Friday, November 4, 2016

Song a Day November: Serra Pelada

I like Philip Glass. He's my go to work music guy, the music that I can work to quite easily as there are repetitive melodies, strong beats, changeable tones and an array of different instruments to work through as you're trying to write boring corporate crap.

Koyaaniqatsi is the first film of the series, all booking bass voices and spindly tunes.

Then comes Powaqqatsi. So you think after all the lovely tunes and melodies of the first film you expect more of the same.


I'll admit to not having seen the "Qatsi" series of films (Though I've seen Baraka and Samsara, which are similar in theme and cinematography). However the juxtaposition of  the clip with the music is brutal.

Saying this, I love when this come on over the car sound system. I go from my normal sedate driver to this moving, steering wheel beating harpy. You just want to turn it up and dance.

And if you get time, hunt out on Youtube the kaleidoscope version of this film. It's freaky.

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