Thursday, November 3, 2016

Song a Day November: Uptown Funk

I need a happy song today, as it is a happy day.

I feel happy.


Well, for the first time in years, I got on a treadmill and ran.

For the next few weeks I have our Cleo, my trainer, to myself as Jay, the woman I normally train with, has gone on holiday. Jay's a bit older than me, so Cleo tends to punish me when I'm by myself as cardio wise, I'm a bit fitter, though Jay is stronger than me, especially in the shoulders.

So today, as I was training on my own, At the end of the session I was asked, "Bike or rower". We often do a minute sprint on one of these implements of torture.

My response, " Can I run instead? A minute at 10.5 kms on the treadmill?"

Cleo agreed.

I forgot how much love to run. I don't care if it was only two minute intervals, it felt FANTASTIC.

So I need a happy song today - complete with a happy clip.

I don't care that this is one of the most over played songs about ever.  I don't care about the mondegreen contained in the chorus (Up down, fuck you up...)

It's just happy. Even better with this dance clip.

And tonight, I ran.

1 comment:

Jackie K said...

Excellent. Glad to hear you're back at it, as it always did make you happy.
And I love this song too. I never get sick of it.