Sunday, January 21, 2018

Friday Questions meme

Today's blog is being brought to you from Sydney town where I am just about to leave the airport and go home.

Great questions, Bev. As always, these have been supplied by Bev at Sunday Stealing.

1. Have you ever tried to learn (or re-learn) a foreign language as an adult? Which one? What worked for you?

No, but I would love to go back and refresh my French, which is passable for an adult who gave up learning it at university. I should also to some Spanish lessons before going to Spain.

2. Do you donate blood? Do you know your blood type?

I'm not allowed to give blood in Australia as I am a 'mad cow'. Nobody who lived in England between 1985 and 1996 for more than six months is allowed to give blood in Australia for fear of mad cow disease. It makes me sad. My boring O positive could do so much good. If I was allowed to give blood, I would.

3. Have you ever been in a play or musical?

As school, yes. I also did a lot of drama  classes when I was in London.

4. Do you use certain text or ring tones for specific people? Who gets their own? Or do you just use the default on your phone?

No. And my phone is normally on silent with the vibrate on. When the phone does ring, Red Hot Chilli Peppers plays "Under the Bridge".

5. When did you get your first digital camera? Do you still shoot on actual film, or all digital now?

I've had a digital camera since the early 2000s. Now I just use my iPhone.

6. What do you think someone else would say the most daring thing you’ve done is? 

Lived in another country illegally for six years. :)

7. Do you talk with your hands?


8. Do you have a lucky number? What is it, and what is the story behind it?

I like 64, and that is because of the song. I'm also partial to three and seven.

9. What kind of milk did you drink, growing up? And now?

I grew up drinking milk that we got from the vat straight from the cow from the farmer down the road. Now I drink skim milk or almond milk from the supermarket. I can't drink full fat milk. Makes my stomach hurt.

10. What is your favorite kind of pie?

I'm not American so pie is not a thing, but mum makes a good apple pie and blackberry pie.

11. Are you a note taker?

Not really. Sometimes. I am at work.

12. Do you have an eclectic mug collection, or is your stuff all matchy matchy?

My mugs are very eclectic. Think there are only two that match. All my mugs have a story.

13. Do you have a junk drawer in your house/garage/at work/wherever?

Doesn't everybody have a third drawer down in the kitchen? I give you Jimoein.

14. What is the longest amount of time you’ve worked at one job – and what was/is it?

I did five years at Lehman Brothers in London, working in the back office doing reconciliations. I've been contracting every since, so don't stay in places too long now.

15. How old were you when you took your first commercial flight? To where did you fly?

I was five years old when we went to Kangaroo Island by plane. My first international flight (and second flight) was to New Zealand when I was 17.


Bev Sykes said...

That's fascinating about blood donation. I didn't know that.

Stacy said...

I've never heard that about mad cow disease and blood donation. Is Australia the only country with a ban?

Pandora Behr said...

Australia Has the most risk averse Blood Bank in the world. About half 1 million people cannot give blood because of this ruling. Many like me wish they could give blood.