Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreaming of 2012

My friend Amy of Aim to Change fame was given a challenge last week. Describe what she saw coming in her future. What was 2012 going to be like for Amy? She was forced to have a think about her plans for the future, what she wanted to happen in her life, what she wanted for herself.

Now Amy is one of the most beautiful and inspiring people I know, not that we've ever met in person (though we chat online and skype) but for the last three years I've watched her on the challenge of her life, slowly transforming herself into what she has become today.

Actually, all of the women who are a part of my Biggest Loser Club are inspiring and supportive in turn. I'm certain I couldn't have got as far as I have without the support of Aim, Trin, Kez, Sooz and the others who are on this journey with me. It's nice to be able to moan about a bad day, crow about results, be there to pick up the pieces when things go pear-shaped - and not have to bore your normal friends with the details. We all know what it's like to have an emotional food blow out, not want to go and do the exercise, find you've just been sabotaged by a family member or sat wallowing in the pit of despair as you find you can't fit into your favourite outfit any more. It's also great not to have to talk to this with your friends - like running, it's a subject that gets really monotonous after a while.

The BLC crew are like my cheerleaders for change - and it's great. Kez, now sitting on 45 kgs of weight loss got through her 8 km run in 45 minutes - which is amazing and inspring. I'm watching Trin go from strength to strength in ever time trial and set of push ups she does. Sooz has sorted her life out completely. These wonderful, focussed women really get what the journey is about.

So when the Commando set Amy this challenge - describe what 2012 will be like for her, I asked if I could borrow the challenge.

Also, as I believe that time is fluid and that you can influence how your future turns out. By writing about it, you can make it happen. Well, that is the plan. I also have evidence that it works. As and example, I know that I was talking about going to Spain on my 41st birthday - with no idea how that was going to happen - only a few months later I won the tickets overseas... it can happen if you put it out there.

So, what does Pandora's 2012 look like? I'll do this in the third person - lets see what Pandora's life is looking like.

Well the newly svelte Pandora, a standard size 12 on the bottom, 14 on the top, is getting on with her life. The foundations are down in the apartment that she has put down the downpayment on - and she is looking forward to moving in later in the year. She's also glad that the bed she's currently sleeping in will be place in the spare room. She and her partner will buy a new one when they move in together - they're testing the waters at the moment.

Pandora's also making sure she keeps up with her training. The New York Marathon awaits. New York you ask? Why not? Isn't that hard to get into? Yes - and if it's not the New York Marathon, the Mount Desert Island one will do well - Reindert might even run it with her. Will be nice to see Reindert and Corazon again. On the way back from New York, Pandora and her partner will stop in on Paris - she's always wanted to go back there with a partner - it's not a city you go to by yourself.

The big addition to the family are Pandora's cats. Joyce and Marmalade, two moggies rescued from the Lort Smith give her plenty of joy - though she wonders if Joyce is really a demon in disguise. The little bitch mugs her ankles regularly and has a tendency to shred the curtains.

Pandora looks back at 2011 and believes it was a great year. She's managed to lose 25 kgs over the year, get her fitness and health back, run a sub 2.30 half marathon, find that man - strangely not through work but on a bushwalk, something she took up last year.

She's thrilled the doctor no longer rags her about her blood pressure which is now in the realms of normal.  Actually, for a 43-year-old woman, she's running pretty well - not just running, but her body isn't betraying her. There are a few grey hairs. She doesn't have perky breasts any more, but she hasn't had those for over a decade. Her legs are still good - going by her mother, they'll still be great at seventy. Losing the weight she's carried for twenty years has been a revelation to her. For the first time in her life she's confident in her looks and her body.

Other things she did which she loved - the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb she did for her 43rd birthday (and to celebrate getting under 80 kgs / losing 20kgs) was amazing. She looks at her friends, a great mob. Can't do better than that - the old one's are gold but there are some great new friends in the mix - including the new guy. The one who didn't leave after a few months.

She's pleased her job is finally letting her get somewhere. The project management certification makes her feel a bit more certain about her future. She loves that she works with great people and has a good deal of work life balance.

Pinochet, dream group and meditation are still in her life - they're going nowhere. Her little Mazda 2 in a jet black is named Dennis - replacing dear old trusty Andrew the Echo.

It's good to see that she's happy.


Jackie K said...

Sounds great !

Aim said...

It WILL be good to see that she's happy.... She deserves it!


white nectarine said...

Dream it, believe it, DO IT!! You deserve it all Pand xxx

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Sounds like 2012 Pandora is really happy.

I hope it becomes a reality.