Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Small Milestone

Project Pandora Update: Day 23

This morning I hopped in the scales. 88.3kg.

I've officially lost 10 kgs this year.

Yippee! Ten down, twenty to go. Though we don't look at it like that. Next goal is 83 kgs - I'm doing this in 5 kg increments. It's far easier to manage the expectations and lifestyle.

Still, it's an acheivement. I now have a waist and cheekbones and collarbones that are visible. I'm starting to run again. My knee isn't hurting as much. I made it up the 1000 Steps in just under 27 minutes yesterday - it took me nearer 35 at the start of the year. Yesterday's trek only had one minor break, in January that was four or five breaks.

My pump squat weight is now 20 kilograms, 12.5 for the chest, 15 for the back track. Pinochet had me leg pressing 110 kgs last week - that's more than I weight now. Like cool!

I'm doing a fun run on Saturday (Reindert's 40th birthday, have to celebrate appropriately) This is my first sponsored run in over six months.

I snack on raspberries and yoghurt, the odd muesli bar - no chips or chocolate. There's next to no junk in my diet any more. I'l pinch a chip off Glen Waverley tomorrow at lunch. That will be my treat.

Despite being on a very low calorie diet, I feel GREAT! Plenty of energy, rarely hungry and feel fine about the next nine weeks of this plan.

It's been a real journey - but sooooo worth it.

Happy Pand xxx


Kath Lockett said...

Well done, mate. You deserve the success and I wish you a heap more of it.

Jackie K said...

This is no small milestone - this is a real achievement! Well done, I know how hard you have worked and your focus and energy are admirable. You go!