Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Star Calendar

Three months into this strange effort and the star calendar still remains.

Here is the March Star Calendar:
The March report shows 28 out of 31 stars on the calendar.

Of the missing stars:

One night my parents were in town and we went out for dinner.

One night I just had a shocker of a day and ate too much ice cream after - in the scheme of things I didn't go too far over my assigned calories, but there was no exercise done this day so no star was received.

And on Tuesday, in a shocking display of emotional eating, I sat down at Deganis and demolished a housebrick sized piece of carrot cake. I know what triggered it. I've talked to my wonderful, understanding, support group about it. I'm also rather pleased with myself as rather than go on that day as I started, I got straight back on the horse - ate sensibly for the rest of the day and didn't go into the flagellation that I would normally do after such a blow out.

Very proud of myself for all this hard work that is paying off. I currently weight 86.2 kgs as of this morning - 12 kilograms lighter than I was at the start of the year.

Other good things to come of the last three months:

My running is getting good, slowly but surely.
I'm lifting more weight than I have in ages.
I'm toned.
I've gone from having five chins to having 2.5 chins.
There's muscle definition all over my body, not just in my legs.
My knee is feeling a lot better, though I'm still being very careful with it.
My blood pressure is back around the realms or normal - and the doctor can' complain about that.
I'm wandering around in a pair of size 14 jeans at the moment - size 14!! Okay, they're stretchy ones, but still, I don't have to lie down on the bed and do them up with a coathanger.
I've killed another pair of ASICS.
I have more energy.
I'm letting people take my photo now without complaining too much.
I'm sitting on a BMI of 30 - I'm nearly "just chubby" rather than obese.
I sorta feel pretty more often.
I've got some body confidence now.
I don't mind trying on clothes in clothes shops.
My body doesn't wobble as much.
My calves resemble those of a Tour du France cyclist (and are envied by some)
I can get up the 1000 steps in a little over 25 minutes - it was nearer 35 in January.
I ran a fast kilometre in five minutes and ten seconds. This amazed me.

Generally, I feel like I can take on the world.

There is still 15-20 kilos to shred from my frame.

Just have to keep this up.



Kelly Bradley said...

Awesome effort Pand! I am totally stealing your star calendar idea. I love it and I think it's just the accountability I need! I'm going to start tomorrow with the first day of April... and post it in our group for accountability! Thanks for inspiring me even more than you already do :) xxx Kell.

no-one said...

Congratulations on the excellent weight loss and keeping up with the hard work.

Kath Lockett said...

You deserve Every. Single. One. of those gold stars, Pand!

The Elephant's Child said...

Wow! Not least for not beating up on yourself after the shocker of a day.

white nectarine said...

You are fabulous, consistent, inspiring, and lots of other awesome things! I have no doubt that you will keep pushing because just remember I'll be behind you with a big stick ;) Together we can accomplish anything we set our mind to!