Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me, Commute?

One of the things that goes on top of my new job wish list is location. As I live in an inner city location, I'm looking for a role that is close by. A role that with any luck I can walk to. I'm even scoffing at roles that may be based down St Kilda Road. Other there is a creepy subset of people who work down St Kilda Road (reminder to self - blog about subset theory one day), it's two trams away. Tin Can, String and Whistle was in a great location - three kilometres door-to-door on foot - though the tram dropped me a three minute walk from both home and work.

So here I am, pondering the one job that has come up recently that has taken my interest. A role where the Project Manager likes the look of my CV. A solid job that is paying the right money, that will be a challenge in the good sense, fits my skills almost to the letter, in a new sector which would be great and round me out a bit. That is a decent three month contract - which will get me out of the doldrums which the current Melbourne market is facing and get me working again - all of this is good.

The hitch.

It's in Hobart.

Hobart, Tasmania.

Hobart, butt of many a joke, many a wild tale and many a Jim Beam Drinking, flannel shirt wearing bogan.

If I was in America, it would be like being stationed in Nebraska or Minnesota - if in England, well, think of being sent to Rotherham, Norwich or Barry, Wales for three months.

Okay, Hobart isn't the end of the world. But it's Hobart. Not Melbourne - and it's certainly not walking distance from home.

Talking to the pimp (read recruitment consultant) I said that I might be interested in this. I look at my life. It's three months. Twelve to thirteen weeks. It's not like I have a family here, though I do have friends, a flat, a car, a mailbox and many solid associations. As it's three months, I'm not expected to relocate - commuting would be the way to go. Fly down Monday morning, come back Friday - or negotiate a work from home one day, being virtually available one day a week. We are yet to see what the conditions are.

My poor head is spinning - not that I have the job yet, I can see the value in the opportunity. I can also see the roadblockers as well.

So here we go - the good, the bad and the ugly of taking a three-month job on the Apple Isle.


Right money
Good fit of my skills
Interesting work
New sector
Get to use my training skills
The airmiles will pick up
Hobart is a gorgeous city
My favorite cousin lives there (And she is a she and it is not like that - I was asked what to Hobartians do - I glibbly replied that they shag their cousins - oops - I was then asked if I had cousins down there - to which I replied that I did but she wasn't my type...)
I might get to see a bit more of the country on the weekends
It gets me working in a real job again
By the time I get back to Melbourne the job market might not be so finnicky.
I like the weather in Tasmania - it's cold - I like that.
Good tax breaks on all the travel and accommodations (depending on what way the company goes)
Jansz bubbles
King Island Beef
Hahn Bitter
It's not at all rat racey
Will get lost of sleep as people are in bed by 10 pm (Like New Zealand)
Computers work faster as they have the NBN Down there
I'd get out of reading the next book on the book group list that I'm not particularly enamoured with.


What to do with the gym - there are no Fitness Firsts in Hobart! Will have to find a gym - I'm told they have them down there.
Need to find a place to stay - though possibly this will be company sourced.
Lots of time at airports
Would have to let dream group go for a few months
Would have to let masons go for a few months too which will ire the new Grand Poobah no end
Will miss the odd birthday celebration
Somebody else will have to run book group for a few months
Will miss my friends, but I'll should be back in Melbourne on weekends
Will need to find a gym
What about the 12WBT - will need to source accomodation where I can cook.
Do they have protein shakes in Tassie?
No Pinochet - or will have to see Pinochet on Saturdays, if he will see me.
No car in Hobart  - but will I need one?
I'm getting a house guest at the end of the week - where to place Maow Maow if I have to go before Blarney and Barney get back? (Mind you, there are a few friends I'm sure will have him - he's a joy)
And as Alice pointed out, finding work when I get back will be delayed until I get back, though at least the process can be started on the internet beforehand.

Looking at this short list, the cons appear to be greivances rather than real roadblocks.

It's going to be interesting if I get this role.

Certainly food for thought.

The last time I was there, I was at my cousin's son's wedding. It was held in community hall in Bagdad. Bagdad, Tasmania that is. A town which is near Jerusalem and Jericho, Tasmania. I didn't see one pair of tracky dacks or ugg boots at the reception.

It's not that bad, really. I have lots of friends who are from Tasmania. Barney's from Tasmania.

Funny, all my Tasmanian friends live in Melbourne.

Ah, one more con. If I get this role, will have to curb my penchant for telling glib Tasmanian jokes, referring to Melbourne as civilisation and making remarks about second heads.

Besides, I can talk. I'm South Australian. I'm just a Tasmanian who can swim....


The Elephant's Child said...

Exciting and scary. Together. Good luck - whichever way it falls.

Kath Lockett said...

Food for thought.

If it's any help to you at all, we went to Tassie last year and loved it and even got so far as idly wondering what it would be like to live and work in Hobart or the utterly gorgeous Devonport.

The Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Tasmania - isn't that where the Tasmanian Devil runs riot?

Sounds like it might be an adventure - I would consider it. Mind you, the commute from Manchester would be a bit excessive.