Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Similar Shit, Different Acronyms

Well, I survived my first day at Bastard Bank. I survived and I've come away from the day knowing that I should be alright there for the next three months. The natives appear friendly, by the end of the day I had a laptop, I've read half a forest of documents with another one waiting for me to read in the morning. The woman I'm working closely with appears to be lovely - no psycho bells are going off, and my direct manager appears human. Can't ask for more than that. Even better, both the BA and the PM explain the acronyms. It's not quite as bad as Tin Can, String and Whistle was, but it's up there. I work in IT - you have to learn to deal with acronyms.

Like Tin Can, String and Whistle, I have two sets of timesheets to fill in. However this time there is one for the consultancy and one for Bastard Bank.

I don't have a desk. I'm on a hot desking floor. I have a locker key and been told to be in for 8.30 secure a possie with the team. At the end of the day, my laptop, the forest of documents, my water bottle, stationery and anything else I possess gets tucked into my locker for the night.

My building pass will be collected tomorrow morning.

I also have an email account. I thought it funny that they didn't check for my middle initial before setting me up. I love receiving my new company email addresses. I'm . Thing is, my middle name starts with a T. (T is for the...) I reckon they've given middle initial of A, because A is for Awesome...

It's only day one, but I'm pleased to be there. I left at the end of the day feeling a little more confident. Though I always swore I'd never go back to a bank, particulary Bastard Bank. But I'm not pushing payments, I'm not looking after options traders, the work isn't going to be mind numbing - I'm there in a completely different capacity. I'm once again the token word nerd - but a well paid word nerd with expertise in all sorts of other things. I'm still a bit in shock of the fact that I understand what the project wants to do. Seems the banking stuff is more ingrained than I thought.

Well off to bed now - the major challenge for me now is to get the exercise in. Today was a fail - Got out too late and it was tipping down - barely made it home to scoff some baked beans before dream group.

From now on, early starts, walk in, leave earlier.

It's going to be okay.

Now let's hope there are no more dreams of powerpoints...


The Elephant's Child said...

So pleased that first day went off much better than expected. Yay. But a bit scary how easily things you thought you had left behind resurface, not only at Bastard Bank but in life more generally.

Kath Lockett said...

That sounds like a pretty good first day at work: I normally get home with an enormous headache after smiling and nodding all day before realising that I hadn't been to the toilet once due to mental overload and utter fright!

LOVE THIS LINE: "a well paid word nerd with expertise in all sorts of other things" Succeed!