Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Blog a Day June: Phew

I thought I'd lost my phone last night. For me, this is akin to losing my right arm. Things don't feel right without my phone being nearby. My phone acts as:

  • My main method of communication
  • My document repository
  • My diary
  • My entertainment portal
  • My newspaper
  • My weather vane
  • My political ally
And the list continues.

So I left work yesterday, pretty sure I'd got everything off my desk.

I went home and read a bit of my book which was due to be finished by tonight.

I got ready for masons.

A couple of documents were sent over to the phone for use at masons for use in the meeting.

I had a quick dinner.

I collected my mason's gear.

Then I got to mason's to find that the docs I needed to reference that were sent to my phone were not available as my phone wasn't in my handbag.

Could I remember where I put my phone. No. I know I was reading my kindle on the train, but not my phone.

After mason's I looked for said phone. It was nowhere to be found. After about half an hour of searching, I was starting to get a bit edgy. Maybe I'd left it in my locker at work by accident? Maybe it had fallen out of my bag on the train? (Unlikely)

So then, for the first time ever, I remember that the iPhone has a  find my iPhone function.

I logged into the rather slow broadband, typed the question into google and made my way to the Apple Cloud.

I pressed the button marked "Find my iPhone" and a map appears.

The phone flashes it's location on the map, which happened to be exactly where I was standing. I was half-expecting it to be flashing at my office address.

 Then pressed a button so that the iPhone made a sound. An annoying peep came from the direction of the couch under the ironing pile.

This is the best iPhone function ever. I would have been looking for the phone for weeks.

I've still no idea how the phone came to be at the bottom of the ironing pile, but at least the bloody thing was found.

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