Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Blog a Day June: Things We Don't Buy Any More

Here's a couple of things I don't buy any more, even if I need them now and then.

1. Stamps. Where the hell do you get stamps in a world where all of the world is going to email? The post office is miles away - well, it feels like it.

I've run out of stamps. Blah. I need to go to the post office, however as I also need a bag to send on my Mason's apron for upgrading (don't ask).

2. Full strength coke. Why would you drink something full of sugar when coke zero tastes just as good?

3.  CDs. Good for the car, not for anything else. Music goes on a MP3 player now, though I still burn the odd mixed CD for the car as the juice on my MP3 player runs out easily and the new iPhone won't play in my car - it only plays through the lightning charger jack.

4. Antiperspirant Deodorant. Don't get me wrong. I wear deodorant, just not the stuff with aluminium in it. I wear natural stuff that lets you sweat, but doesn't allow you to smell. I don't like the metallic taste you get in your mouth when you wear the aluminium stuff. Oh and the natural stuff doesn't stain your clothes.

5.  DVDs. Same reasons as CDs, though I do occasionally buy series I love from Britain that aren't available on Netflix.

6. Stockings. Gave up wearing them years ago. Happily wear opaque tights in winter, but the thought of stocking gives me the creeps.

7. Heels over three inches in height. I walk like a bad tranny in high heels. Medium block heels are the way to go.

8. Envelopes. A pack of 50 last me two years now - I remember buying them regularly ten years ago.

That's it for the moment. There are more, but I want to go to bed.

And there are more of these - just too tired to think about them.

Can't believe I've managed to get through this blogging every day lark.

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

(1) Stamps - you can't email parcels!

(2) Coke Zero compensates for the lack of sugar using sweeteners (probably) which are just as bad.

(3) CD's - I love to own CD's - the actual storage media plus the bumph that goes with it. Call me old fashioned but I don't regard a download as true ownership.

(5) I agree. DVD's (and Blu Rays) are a dying medium.

(6) Pass :o)

(7) Just written a blog post about this, coincidentally - well sort of.

(8) Kind of agree - you can't fit parcels in envelopes.