Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Questions of 2016

Oops, I'm a day late. I've been busy. It's Xmas. I'm in Tasmania. it's gorgeous down here. Going home to a stroppy pussy cat tomorrow afternoon,

But it is lovely down here. This is the view from the deck.

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Questions, as always, from Sunday Stealing.

1. Do you send out Xmas cards and if so how many do you send?

No. I do send the odd Xmas email and make the odd phone call.

2. Do you write and send a holiday letter to describe your year?

No. Don't do that either.

3. What do you think of photo cards? 

It's something Americans do.

4. How about the tree thing – do you have one every year? Do you prefer a real or artificial?

I have never put up a Xmas tree in my home since I left the family home 30 years ago. No point - it's just me.

5. Describe your typical tree (size, decorations, type). If you don’t have a tree, do you decorate and if so, tell us about it. (If you don’t decorate make up a story here…)

See above. Not a Christian - no room. Waste of money. Nothing to go under it.

6. Do you hang up stockings? Whose names are on them (and relationships)? 

No. No Mantle, not American. Just no.

7. Your favorite Xmas movie(s) are? 

Die Hard. Don't mind Love, Actually and It's a Wonderful Life either.

8. Tell us about an Xmas movie you hate.

Home Alone. What a pile of shite.

9. What’s favorite Xmas Song(s)

Fairy Tale of New York.

10. What holiday song makes you want to hurl?

After having two six-year-olds make up the words to Deck the Halls over the last three days, Deck the Halls has been referred to Room 101.

11. What do you prefer for your holiday meal? 

LOTS of seafood. Heaps of prawns. Oysters. Lobster. Fresh salad. Very Australian that.

12. When do you open your gifts?

When I get them, Xmas morning.

13. Do you buy gifts for your pet?

Don't have a pet, but I have been known to make Maow Maow bed blankets for his little bed.

14. What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?

I got dumped last Xmas - does that count? A green long pillow with painted kittens on it - truly awful, but I smiled through it.

15. Do you ever travel for the holiday?

As far away as I can. This year I'm in Northern Tassie. I went to Thailand one year.

16. Did you see Santa as a child?

Yes, I had that traumatic experience - like most kids.

17. Have you ever gone caroling?

Hell, no.

18. Do you drive around and look at the Xmas lights? 

No. No interest.

19. Have you ever had a white Christmas?

I've not had a white Xmas, but I've had a lot of Christmases in a cold climate. Lived in England for a long time.

20. Do you know how to ice skate? If yes, when did you skate the last time? 

Can't ice skate. Never ice skated.

21. Are we crazy for thinking that the holiday season is WAY too commercial? 

No. Christmas is waaaayyyyy to commercial.

22. Have you ever worked Xmas eve or Xmas day?

Worked many a Christmas Eve - but never Xmas day. Christmas Eve doesn't have that much clout here.

23. What are your Xmas pet peeves?

Most of it. Lots of old Christmas trauma still to be totally cleared. Hence, I'm in Tasmania at the moment.

24. What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? 

Time off work.

25. Here's your chance to say something significant to our players. Go for it!

Hope you've had a lovely time, what ever you have been doing. Just think, you could be poor old George Michael. (And I will leave you with a song... poor George...)

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

Belated Xmas greetings to your (warm) half of the world.

I was shocked by George Michael. I'm not a fan at all but he is actually younger than I am.

And Carrie Fisher too.

Can't wait for this dreadful year to bugger off!!