Saturday, June 30, 2018

51 Days: The Empath and the Woo Woo

This morning I took myself off to meditation this morning, my ultimate playlist on the car stereo. There was a sense of peace as I made my way out to Caulfield with the knowledge that I wouldn't need to flick over any songs. The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac, James Blunt and Jeff Beck - an awesome drive was had.

I made it in good time -  a bit of a rarity for me as I normally burst into the meditation room as the session in starting. I took my seat on the sofa in the circle in which I have been meditating for ten years.This is a closed circle. You need to have studied Kabbalah under our teacher to attend. I sat down next to Gloria, who I have been sitting next to in meditation for the last ten years. We've had the same spots in the circle over all this time. Maybe there is a reason why she and I sit in the North East of the room, but we've never really known why we've had the same spots. It's just the way this meditation group goes.

Today's meditation was on the path of Judgement. Malkuth to Hod. The path of family. A path of seeing your own way forward. It equates to the letter Shin (ש) in Hebrew. The coming to the knowledge that you're going to have to make your way in the world.

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The meditation has a format. We start the the Kabbalistic Cross - a simple blessing which equates to the lines in the Lord's Prayer, "For thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory". We then construct the Kabbalah Tree of Life in ourselves before taking off on our guided meditation.

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After that, I can remember about two minutes of the meditation. Of late, I've been falling asleep once I've lit up the tree. Today, I made it until we met Prometheus, tied to a rock being eaten by an eagle. Great. I have to book from which we get our meditations. I appears I was asleep for about 80% of the session. The next thing I know, the tree has nearly been closed and I've been asleep for about half an hour. Thankfully this time, I didn't snore. I've been known to do that.

We go for breakfast afterwards. I've been going to breakfast after meditation with Gloria and Dee for many, many years. Were joined by two others. As is our habit, we out the world to rights. Dee is big into environmental and indigenous issues. Gloria is also very socially aware. I live for my second Saturday breakfasts.

However, today's meditation had more of an affect on Gloria. Coming into our cafe, she was on the verge of tears. This is a reasonably common occurrence - the meditations are very powerful. I think this is why I fell asleep today. Gloria, on the other hand, had to sweat it out.

It has come to pass that it's my job to bring things back to a level. It's my 'talent'. One of the joys of being an empath - and a healer.

Before the coffee's came, I started my work. We tried a couple of methods of bringing her out of her funk. Working on chakras. Making her laugh. Stomping her feet. All this managed to do was bring her  tears closer to the surface. In the end, it took a long bear hug to get her to start coming around.

This meditation stuff can be dangerous.

Regardless, I've been sent back into doing Woo Woo.

Woo Woo?

If I'm honest, the witchy stuff is my other vocation. I don't think about doing this stuff. It's something I have to do.

My witchy stuff. The healer stuff. The things I do which help people to start the healing process. I'm not bad at it, I'm told - but after a break, I'm having more and more people come to me for healing work - whether it be tarot, reflexology, theta healing, reiki - you name it, I seem to do it.

Gloria is coming around tomorrow night for a session.

I can't tell you what will go on. I don't know myself.

It's a hard thing to describe what happens in a session. As I have to do all of this with my intuition. I have to listen to this inner voice to see what works.

But it doesn't work, and cannot work all the time. It doesn't work on people who don't want to be helped. It also doesn't work that well for those going through huge and painful episodes. In the latter situation, all you can do is be there for the person and hold their pain.

One thing that I constantly remind myself of as I do this work. You can't heal everybody.

I'm curious to see what will come out of tomorrow night's session. Gloria and I have done some incredible and deep work in the past. Who knows what will come up.

And after that, we're going to watch Hannah Gadsby at the Sydney Opera House.

For one of the best healing agents in the world is laughter.

Today's Song: (And for my brother, this gem comes from 2015 - though not a real fan of rap, I love the Hilltop Hoods)

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