Friday, June 8, 2018

73 Days: The Above Average Day

A day with a job interview can be a good day.

So I rose at the normal time, got myself ready. Straightened my hair rather than just run a brush through it. I put on my "interview dress" and tights. I did my makeup - full face, not my normal eyeliner, mascara and a bit of red lipstick.

So I went to work. I did the normal morning stand ups meetings and got some doc reviews done.

Then, just before lunch I made my way to the company for the "pre-interview test".

It appears they are looking for a certain skill set at this place. I reviewed the job ad before I left the office. I have about 80% of what they are after. Background in Finance and Banking (tick) years of Technical Writing and Process Mapping (Tick), Stakeholder Management (tick) able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (tick). I haven't used Captivate or Articulate in years, but that is like riding a bike. Some of the lesser qualities like HTML and CSS - well, I'd like to learn more about this. I can work Agile or Waterfall.

(I'm told I'm not bad at what I do for a living)

Anyway, I turned up. I met the head of the department over a conference call and got on well with the  guy who was setting me up. I really liked what I was hearing.

I took the test. A bit of proof reading. A bit of document restructuring. Write out instructions for making egg mayonnaise sandwiches. All fine. Well I hope so.

I did my best, but I am really hoping I get called back for an interview. I really want this job. My fingers are crossed. There is so much potential in the role.

Making my way back to the office, I felt good. Strangely good. I don't know why. It was raining, but I had my favourite umbrella and a little red handbag with me and everything in the world felt great.

On returning to the office, I found that a short story I wrote was finally published. So another big Yay.

I have three weeks left in my current job. The afternoon was fairly relaxing as many Fridays before a long weekend often are. I will miss my current workmates. They are great. I'd happily return to my current company. They are great to work for.

And it's a long weekend.

So, I got home after work, threw on on my biker boots (because you can't wear Harley Davidson biker boots to a job interview) and went out to find some dinner.

I know it's just the little things. I hope to hear about the interview after the long weekend. Fingers crossed.

I  know it's just little things. A good outcome at a test. A story published. biker boots. But it was an above average day. May there be many more.

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