Thursday, May 31, 2018

81 Days: Manifesting

I love being a witch. I always have. I always will.

Witch, you say. Yep, a witch. (that is not a witch with a silent "B" either, though I can be one of them too)

I rather like the term. And I'm not talking about the women who wear a pointy hat and float about on a broom. We modern day witches are far more cool. Okay, so occasionally we might howl at the moon, or curse, or set spells, but as a rule, you can't tell a modern day witch from her outside appearance. Beware the ones who think they are - the people bedazzled with pentagrams and purple clothing smelling of patchouli.

Okay, I wear black most of the time and my hair is normally all over the place. Oh and my eyes are green - all definite characteristics of a witch.

However, these things aside, the thing I love most about being a witch is the ability to manifest. Witches have this ability to move things to their will and make things happen.

It's all about intent. Before asking for something, you have to look at what you want and why you want it. Then there goes the matter of how you're going to go about getting what you want.

My best manifesting effort was a few years ago. I was sitting down at my birthday dinner, a lovely Spanish restaurant on Brunswick Street stating that I wanted to go to Spain. Four months later I entered a competition. A month after that, I had won two tickets to anywhere in the world. Spain became a reality.

So here I am, nearly a decade later, and I am still manifesting. My new, safe reliable car has come into being. I have managed to keep myself solvent and debt free. I've manifested some wonderful friends. Life is pretty good.

There are rules to manifesting, especially if you want to ensure the best possible outcome with few lingering side effects.

The first is to go in with a pure heart. If you want something, you want it to do good in the world. So I see manifesting a new job as a way of me not relying on the welfare state (Never a bad thing - I do not want to deal with Centrelink).

Secondly, there are rules about being specific. I wanted to go to Spain for a holiday. I did not want to go to Spain for a funeral.

So currently I am manifesting a new job. I want it to be in the city, paying the same or better than what I'm on at the moment. I'm after a longer contract, with great people, in a big company with some room to move about the company and the role. Well this is what I am after.

A good way to get this happening while setting out the intention that this is what I want then making a contract with the candles. Anything that has anything to do with money means burning green candles, and asking the light to bring it back. I swear, it works. My green candles are alight as I write.

The other thing about manifesting is focusing on the good that your manifestation will bring. I look at manifesting a new job as a good thing as it will keep lots of people happy - not only my employer, but me. It's also good as it will open doors in the universe - something a good witch understands. Have a good intention, It will always come back.

Something else I've discovered about manifesting, just because you put something out there doesn't mean it will happen.  I'm trying hard to focus on this Camino trip. We'll see what happens. Just have to throw it out there and trust in the universe.

I know its asking a lot - but I have faith all will be well.

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