Thursday, May 24, 2018

88 Days: Real Estate Agents

I learned a lot today, in spite of myself.

Having taken the afternoon off to spend some time interviewing real estate agents for the sale of our temple building, I learned a few things.

  • Real estate agents aren't that scary
  • I might actually be half competent when it comes to administering things
  • When you're the person who sits to the side, you get to ask the tricky questions
  • Afternoons off are wonderful
  • Just because a charity mugger is hot doesn't mean you will give him your money - no matter how hot he was (I was tempted)
  • Taking your own teabags to places means you can have a cup of tea and look normal evening if you're drinking rooibos tea.
  • The cute real estate agent doesn't necessarily get the job (bummer, would have liked to work with him)
  • My tastes are too expensive - why is it every handbag I like costs the Gross National Dept of a small European country?
  • Knowing you've dodged a very large bullet can help mend the spot where your heart used to be.
I think that makes for a very successful afternoon off.

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