Saturday, May 19, 2018

93 Days: Nightswimming

There is a need to wash you from me
That no amount of water will enable
Without motion, and time.
Without repeated strokes
Or rhythmic breathing,
Without the gasping for air,
In... out... in... out...
The flick of the legs
Or the surge of liquid surrounding
Every molecule of self.
It cannot eradicate traces of you.

The night air, free from scent,
Mottling light
Acts as a barrier,
Morphing time and sense,
As the water takes away all reason.

There is only the night
And the water,
And the need to wash you from me,
Repeated actions,
Lengthening, strengthening,
As the slow, steady strokes,
To take me to a quiet place,
Floating from one time,
To another,
As the night, and the water, suspend reason.

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