Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Going Gently into that Goodnight

I know I do a heap of weird and wonderful things. Once a month on a Monday I am found at my co-freemasonry meeting. Yes, I am a Co-Freemason. Rather than going into it, look it up on Wikipedia or Google, you will find out more about it there than I'm prepared to tell you. I like it. It's my way of celebrating God without Jesus. Nobody else's business but my own, but I love the lack of dogma, the sense of belonging and the joys of mixing with people I'd never normally meet.

But there are a number of things that I really love about my mason's meetings.

1. I now have an abundance of mother's and grandmother's that get me.

Most of the women there are in their sixties, seventies and eighties with names like Beryl, Olive and Eunice. For a mob of old dears they're a sprightly mob. Interested and interesting. And they seem to get me. I love this. I wish my own mother would understand me like these people. I reckon I'd have far fewer hang ups if she did. The fellowship is outstanding.

2. Once a month I'm not seen as a complete freak

Again, I've grown into my eccentricities quite nicely with age. It has taken a bit, but I knowing I'm a bit mad helps get me through when I meet "normal" people. I don't meet many normal people - most people I meet are a bit mad anyway. At co-freemasons, the fact that I run distances is seen as freaky. All the other stuff I do, dream group, tarot, kabbalah, all of this is well within the bands of normal. Gotta love that.

3. They make the BEST curried egg sandwiches for supper.

I don't get these often - love them. You also get the occasional dolmades, vanilla slice, cake and home made scones. These ladies put the CWA to shame.

Last night we were told of the passing of one of our members. A lovely lady who really helped me find my feet at co-masons. She was a sprightly old thing until early last year, when she started to slow. Admittedly she was in her late eighties, but it is still sad. Her wicked sense of humour kept me entertained, her knowledge astounded me. I can see her now, meeting St Peter, with a twinkle in her eye and a finger pointing out something that could be set right. Joycey, you will be missed. It was an honour to know you. I know you're in a wonderful place - but keep on being you - heaven needs a ratbag.

Have given my commitment to freaky, running ex-boss for the marathon in Maine.
We will remain in denial for a bit longer.

Card for the blog: Eight of Wands - moving forward, the arrows of love, air travel, energy.



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Kilometres run since 29 Jan: 13
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