Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where did February go?

Blarney's cat has gone. The Maow Maow was the perfect house guest. Quiet, clean, unobtrusive and he gives the best cuddles in the world. I've spent far too much of this weekend sitting down cuddling this little fellow. He just sits in your arms and purrs. I gave Barney a glowing report when he picked him up this evening. He  was very helpful. He helped me cook and crochet and make the bed. I'm not sure help was the real word for it but he's been followed me around like a bad smell all day. I like it. Just wish the lease would let me have a cat. Oh well, another time, another flat.

Dinner was successful. - Chicken marinated in Chinese Five Spice and natural yogurt, root vegetable roasties and my version of Eton Mess  - a nice, simple Sunday night dinner for Work Husband and his wife. The evening had two purposes - we watched  "Fat Bastards" together, which is something we do periodically, and it gave Work Husband a chance to play with Maow. Gotta love Work Husband - he has two of his own cats, some of the most antisocial moggies I've ever met. When Maow comes to stay I make sure that he gets a look in - it's like watching two happy little boys at play.

And a lovely bonus, they brought me the most gorgeous bunch of lilies. They asked when was the last time I received flowers. Oh hell, I hate answering questions like that, it makes me feel sooooo inadequate. The last bunch I remember receiving was back about two years ago - actually no - I got some for my birthday last year, and one of my workmates gave me a bunch for witnessing some stuff for him. I'm single, for heaven's sake, I don't get flowers. Once in a blue moon I buy them for myself, but to receive them - not often. That's a loaded question - like asking when was the last time I had sex, or how much money I make.The other coincedence was I bought a very similar bunch for Blarney this afternoon. It's her nine and a half birthday at midnight - born on 29 February, her birthday's a bit of a minefield. You have no definitive date to say happy birthday.

I'm originally from Adelaide, I'm too polite for my own good sometimes.

So that was the good side of the weekend. The bad side was that I haven't been able to get my head around exercise. Yesterday was spent walking around the zoo and I got back knackered a few hours later. Spending the day with two four-year-olds is as stressful as a panel job interview. Today I managed an hour's cardio in the gym this morning. I am allegedly running a marathon in eight and a half months and I can't be asked to get out there and do things - this isn't good. I don't like the treadmill any more, but I know it's a useful tool for speed and hills, especially as where I live is pretty flat. The stepper is okay, the cross trainer was great, but I should be doing more.

I'm also not happy about the lack of weight loss this year - I seem to be in the gym or on the road every day - but nothing is shifting - though I feel great and can see my body toning and I've not put on. Time for some revisions I think.

So, it's bite the bullet time. I hereby decree March an ice cream, chocolate and chip free zone. I don't each much junk - but I do have enough for it to register. Oh this is going to be fun. And alcohol - I'm not fussed with the two glasses I have a week - they can stay.

March is also a Bejewelled Blitz free zone. Time waster - can't do it.

Let's see if that kickstarts a few things.

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Kilometres walked since 29 January: 80 km
Kilometres run since 29 January: 49 km
Currently reading: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami, Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes
Weight lost since 29 Jan: 0.7 kg

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