Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Madness vs Lunacy

Madness is going for a run at lunchtime in 32 degree heat.

Lunacy is following it up later with the trainer a few hours later in 32 degree heat. Though at least the latter session was in the shade, with a breeze flowing past. And my partners in training were in exactly the same boat. Swearing, cursing and wishing ill on our dear trainer, Pinochet.

I look upon my training buddies as my angels, the people who keep me going, the people who inspire me. Without them this would all be so much harder. It's also nice to pit yourself against women 15 years your junior and a lot of the time out run, out lift and out last a some of them. Today I trained with K & H. They usually whip my butt - gives me something to work towards.

Being honest, I wasn't going to run at lunchtime. Then I got the call and Daniel (one of my main inspirations) and we went down to the Yarra together. It was hard. After starting well I had to drop back to minute intervals - my heart rate was too high, it was hurting, it was just too bloody hot. But I'm glad I did it. There is a sense of achievement in overcoming the fear of running in the heat (and not doing yourself injury).

Can I say the same for throwing a spare tyre over my head in the gym's courtyard, running 20 metre sprints, elevated planks, triceps dips and every other torture method my dearest Pinochet could think of later on in the evening. The only solace was getting a smile out of the rather dishy, slacker Gen Why dude at the gym's reception.

Pinochet is not my trainer's real name, it's just that he's from Chile and he's a dictator, so it sort of fits. Mind you I don't think the real General Pinochet was ever as hot as his namesake, but that's the cross we have to bear.

My head is still spinning about my travel options. I will leave that for the today.

Besides, after two rather confronting sweat sessions, I think I'd better go to bed.

Card of the Blog: Three of Pentacles - serving one's apprenticeship. Going out into the world. Proving oneself worth. Building for the future.

Like this.


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