Monday, February 1, 2010

How in Heaven's Name....?

I received a call from one of the directors of Tin Can, String and Whistle today.

Okay, I need to start this blog earlier than 2 pm today. In my life good things happen sporadically. I can say hand on heart that other than three short story competitions and the odd movie ticket, I have won very few things. I wouldn't say I'm unlucky, but I don't win things. I'm much better and working towards something and gaining it that way.

So just before Christmas last year the company of Tin Can, String and Whistle announced a competition where employees were asked what the National Broadband Network would bring to Australia in the future. A great prize was on offer. In a fit of boredom in a spare fifteen minutes, I threw in an entry.

The director was calling to tell me I'd won the competition. And now, I have until 30 November 2010 to use two cattle class tickets to anywhere in the world where Singapore Airlines flies.

Linda Blair in the Exorcist has nothing on my head spins.

Okay, I'm excited. I'm thrilled. It's fantastic. How often do you win two tickets to anywhere in the world? Where do I go? What do I do? What sort of holiday do I go on? Too much to think about.

And then what about my goals - if I go away, what about the running, what about the saving money, what about finding somebody? Won't that detract from some of these things? Or do I incorporate the New York Marathon into my training? Now there is a goal.

Breathe, Pandora.

Something this monumental happens rarely.

And it happens for a reason.

I have some contemplating to do. Being alone, who do I go with? Do I take my mother away for her 70th birthday? Do I try and amend the ticket to a single round the world jobbie and take six weeks off? Ah, it's all too hard.

Will go for a nice cleansing run at lunch tomorrow to clear my head.

Tarot card for the Blog: Six of Pentacles.

What is my worth? Am I giving or receiving? Balanced, measured giving. Being given what you need. Having enough.

Okay that changes my perspective a bit.

I have no idea how I'm going to sleep tonight.


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