Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who knows the future?

I have read tarot cards for over fifteen years. I have been reading tarot professionally for nearly five of those years. Do I live my life by the cards. No. Do I get blown away by what I see in the cards each time I read for others. Yes.

Do I wonder how people can be so miserable for so long. Yes.

Today's tarot job was another hen's party. I do quite a few hen's parties over the year. Most of the time it's held at the mother of the bride's place. You meet the bride, a slim, fake tanned beauty in her twenties who is tying the knot. They're scared, they're overwhelmed with the wedding thing, they're up to theire eyeballs in debt, worry and stress. Then you meet the mother of the bride, the envious best friend/bridesmaid, the sad case you can't place, normally from primary school that Mum invited, the flaky workmate, the spinster aunt.... the list goes on. Hen's parties are all the same. The location and the number of strippers is what varies.

There were two treats at today's reading. First up, Nonna. Nonna was 85 if she was a day. From the South of Italy, her English wasn't great and somebody had to translate the reading. And the anger that came off of those cards! If there is a story in the news about a little Italian lady knocking off her husband in the next few weeks - odds on it's Nonna.

The other person who really impressed me was the kid sister. Kid sister's at hen's partys are often so high on champagne they can't sit straight. This one was a breath of fresh air. Double the size of her twiglet sister, though just as fake tan orange, this kid has chutzpah. She's going to run the world one day. Lovely, blessedly positive, happy cards. You don't see that much.

The thing I suppose I find most confronting is that people are looking for comfort and answers. I don't have the answers - and I'm not a counsellor, so I can't give comfort - though I do not go out to incite at these events. Even if I did, what would be the point - why make people cry on happy days? I just tell them what I see. Sometimes you see too much. Sometimes you see nothing.

Tarot is an intellectual affair. It's not a science, but it is a skill. It's when the sixth sense kicks in, that's when it gets interesting. This doesn't come all the time. I can't tell you what it is - but I believe what makes me a good reader, rather than just a reader.

It's also part performance, part social worker, part best friend and part drill sargeant. Some people are are the stock and trade, others need more specialised care. Sometimes you go away from these events and you know that you may have helped somebody change their life for the better. And that too feels good.

The only other thing I will say about hen's parties. They make me a little glum. I've never had one held for me. I think I would like that one day, and one day soon. You gotta put your goals out there...

Will talk about running tomorrow. I think I've talked myself into this marathon in Maine. Heaven help us.

Card for the Blog: Nine of Cups - lots of love around. Keeping love and gains to yourself. Repletion. Gain. Attaining love.



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