Friday, May 23, 2014

Blog a Day May: Day 23: Challenge the Universe

My friend Alice has me in on a group experiment in which she's involving a few of her friends.

Alice and I are of similar belief systems. We're in the Masons together, among other things. We like the weird and wonderful.

Anyway, she set the experiment off tonight read as follows:

"Theory: There is an invisible energy force which we are able to tap into

Hypothesis: We can access this with a clear set of requirements and our request should be fulfilled. 
Approach: Hey you, (insert your chosen name for energy here, Cosmos / A / Mother Nature / God) are you real? If so, I demand that you make your presence known to me by an unequivocal sign, something that cannot be written off as a coincidence, within the next 48 hours.

Sit back and wait. Add results as comments below."

I'm very much in the belief that this is the way of the world. Put it out there watch it come back to you.

Two cases in point:

A few years ago I wanted to go to Spain. It was a hankering that had been building. I remember clearly sitting down at my 41st birthday lunch saying to my friends that I wanted to go to Spain. Two months later I won two airline tickets to anywhere in the world.

Okay this is an extreme case, but my will was put out to the universe and it came back.

So tonight, when I got this experiment, I put it out there. Talk to the universe. Tell it what you want. See what happens. Make it count.

I sent out my request.

"Universe. Have somebody tell me they love me."

This is pretty unequivocal. Especially as I'm having a quiet night at home.

30 minutes later it came back to me.

I'm not giving details.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, the Universe has a pretty warped sense of humour. This is one of those times.

Give the experiment a try. Let me know what happens.

I'm going to go and process this information.

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Kath Lockett said...

Wow..... I think I'll try that too! And I'm not surprised that somebody said that they loved you! xo