Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blog-a-Day May: Day 31: It's a Leo Thing

Day 31. Yay. I've done it!

Today's minor topic. It's a Leo thing.

I don't talk much about my ever changing work places, or go into specifics.

However, at the moment, I find myself in a pod with three other Leos. People born between 23 July and 22 August.

We find ourselves often saying to our poor Gemini manager,"Don't worry, it's a Leo thing, " at least three times on any given day. She nods, rolls her eyes and we all get on with it.

I know that there are a lot of you out there with no faith or belief in astrology, but the amount of times the four of us all nod at each other, shrug our shoulders and say,"Yeah, Leo thing." is getting a bit silly.

One of the team I've worked with before. We used to say it a lot at that work place too.

So here's our "Leo Things." that we've identified as being attributes of what is arguably the bestest star sign to have.

1. It's all about the hair.

Leos need a mane. This is not great when you're succumbing to male pattern baldness when you're going to care for every last hair on your head until the last one falls out, but for the rest of us, Leos need a mane. I for one look rubbish with short hair and I like my long, well kept shaggy locks that got put back to their familiar match box red today. My male Leo colleagues are just as bad in their own ways. We need a mane to toss around. It's what we do. Laugh at us if you must. It makes us happy and that's all that matters.

A Leo needs hair like footy pie needs sauce.

2. If we like you, we love you. If we don't, well meh.

Leos are just pussycats in people's bodies. Like cats, if we like you, we'll let you know about it. If we don't. just don't bother. Leo's go by gut instinct. It takes us quite a lot to change our minds. Don't say we didn't warn you.

3. Leo's are fiercely protective and loyal to those they like

Poor manager is finding this out at the moment. The team look after her, bring her coffee, ask after her family, see if she's doing okay. We all do it. She said she's never had a team like it. We just tell her to lap it up because it's a Leo thing.

4. Look at me, Don't look at me

Leo's are the show ponies of the zodiac, but don't tell anybody. We love attention, just don't make us ask for it. We'll lap up praise when praise is due. Just don't ignore us or you'll be sorry. Manager has found this one out too.

5. Pride vs Vanity

Leo's can be vain, but it's more about pride for us, whether that be pride in our work or pride in ourselves or both. A team of Leos just get this. Others do not. We really don't need our egos stroked, we know we're great.

6. Best leave a sick Leo to their own devices.

Like most sick animals, Leos are better left to get on with it on their own. No sympathy or coddling. Just bring us tea or soup, make sure we're okay and we'll come out of our caves when we're ready. Got it? We don't want you to see us when we're not our best. It's really not pretty.

7. We're at our best first thing in the morning

Like the cat who knocks all of the stuff off your bedside table at 5 am wanting breakfast, Leos are good in the morning. We do our best work before midday. It's strange working in a team like this - all of us want to curl up for a nap after lunch.

There are many more little "Leo things" that we're discovering.

Heaven help anybody who comes in wanting to criticise us after lunch. If it's in the morning, we'll fight you over it. If not, then meh - we're busy having a nap

The daft thing is that being on the cusp, with five planets in Virgo, I normally come across as a bit too grounded to be a good Leo. This group are proving this wrong.

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