Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blog-a-day May: Day Ten: Some observations

Okay, don't really feel like writing, but at least my energy is returning.

Here are some small observations from today:

Eurovision is not Eurovision unless you're getting pissed with a group of gay mates. Watching it from bed, sober does not cut it.

The Austrian Eurovision entry - the drag queen with a beard, doesn't surprise me. Nice voice - a bit Shirley Bassey.

When my mob get in, the use of stuffing in supermarket roast chickens will be outlawed. I don't like stuffing at the best of times but the stuff in supermarket chooks is just gross.

On the subject of chicken - friends who bring you chicken soup when you're sick are the most wonderful friends in the world.  Have also had offerings of beef and barley and minestrone soup. Friends are good.

Really like the Netherlands entry to Eurovision.

Why to I only ever dust the windowsills when I'm having a flat inspection.

Same goes for skirting boards.

The only upside to the flu is the two kilo weight loss.

That will do - will try for something a bit more substantial tomorrow.

Still think stuffing out of roast chicken is the most revolting stuff on earth. Even more revolting than the stuff that's been coming out of my nose for the last few days.

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Plastic Mancunian said...

Hi Pand,

I am currently in Oman with work so I missed Eurovision. A bearded lady winning it just goes to prove that my opinions on the show are true.

And I bet you know what they are.


I feel a ranting blog post coming on ...